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Mighty+ Vaporizer


Mighty+ Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) MIGHTY+ Vaporizer
(1) USB-C Charging Cable
(3) Normal Screens, small
(3) Coarse Screens, small
(3) Base Seal Rings, small
(1) Dosing Capsule
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Instructions Manual

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All In One Vape

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While the Mighty vaporizer from Storz & Bickel has been one of the top dry herb vaporizers on the market, its new and improved model, the Mighty+, offers many improvements over the original. While that may seem impossible due to the high quality of the original model, the Mighty+ has truly established itself as a must-have product for fans of dry herb vapes but All-In-One vaporizers.


The first thing people are likely to notice about the Mighty+ is its unique design, which certainly helps to distinguish it from other vaporizers available. The vaporizer has a phone-like shape, with a grooved design that looks like three separate pillars forming the shell of the device. These grooves help to provide a nice grip when holding the device. The Mighty+ has many design features that users would expect from a high-quality vaporizer like this one, including fins on the bottom of the base that help the device stand up when you set it on a flat surface. The original model did not have this capability, so it is a welcome addition. The Mighty+ has also improved the design of the filling chamber, as it is now coated with ceramic. This is an overall improvement over the filling chamber of the original, as the new ceramic coating will help to retain much more flavor from your herbs when having a session. These new features are fantastic additions that help make the Mighty+ a significant upgrade over the original Mighty vaporizer.

The Mighty+ has an extremely powerful battery that will put other vaporizers to shame. This battery can be charged with a USB-C charging port. USB-C is a far superior way to charge a device compared to Micro USB, so this is a nice feature as well. This USB-C charging allows for the Mighty+ to reach 80% charge in just 40 minutes, which is very fast for a device of this size and quality. The device also has a supercharge function, allowing users to charge the Mighty+ with 45 watts. This charging time is impressive on its own, but even more so when comparing it to the charge up time of the original Mighty vaporizer, which took about two hours to reach a full charge. This is an incredible improvement over the original device, and it really shows how much of an upgrade the Mighty+ is.


The patented heating system of the Mighty+ uses a combination of both convection and conduction heating. This innovative system allows the device to perfectly heat herbs without burning them. Convection heating occurs when a vaporizer’s heat source first heats air. This air then indirectly heats your herb when it flows through them. Conduction heating on the other hand, is when the heat source makes direct contact with your herbs. Due to this direct contact, conduction often heats herbs faster, but it can be more prone to burning. With the Mighty+, users can get the flavor of convection and the fast heating of conduction, without having to worry about the downsides of either.

The Mighty+ has an optimized heater that can fully heat up in around one minute. The original model was able to heat up very quickly as well, but the Mighty+ has been able to shave off about 30 seconds from the entire heating process. While the Mighty+ is bigger than a lot of vape pens designed for portability, this fast heat up time definitely makes it a very portable device.

The improved Mighty+ features a temperature setting that the original did not have: superbooster mode. This new mode increases the current temperature of the device by 15°C or 27°F, allowing those who crave high temperatures to get them. To utilize this feature, users just have to triple click the on/off button. This will make the temperature start to increase immediately.


While the Mighty+ is a rather large handheld vaporizer that likely won’t be able to fit into a pocket, it still has many aspects and features that make it great for taking around with you. One of these features is the previously mentioned fast heat up time. Nobody wants to sit in public just waiting for their vaporizer to heat up. This leaves you in the open, and it can look conspicuous at times. Thankfully, the Mighty+ heats up in around one minute, so you’ll be able to heat your herb quickly without anyone noticing. The fast charging time of the Mighty+ also helps to make it portable. Users can quickly charge the vaporizer before they go out, and if it happens to run out of battery while on the go, it is easy to charge with its USB-C charging port. Even just being able to charge the Mighty+ for a few minutes will result in a good amount of power, so running out of battery is definitely not the end of the world. The device is too big for the traditional pocket, but it can easily fit into a khaki pocket, bag or purse.


The Mighty+ is definitely not a budget vaporizer that removes features to create a cheap price point. Instead, Storz & Bickel have filled the Mighty+ with so many convenient and innovative features that more than justify the price point of $399. While this price may initially scare many customers off, the Mighty+ is definitely worth it. This is a product that will last users a very long time and it even comes with a two year warranty, just in case users accidentally harm the device. This vaporizer is definitely for users that want a high quality product that will be the main piece in your collection. If this is the type of vaporizer you are looking for, definitely check out the Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel. It is bound to impress you.

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