Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes but when making a purchase, customers often fail to research which type of oven or coil they may require. Depending on who you ask, you may hear of something being the "best" type of oven or coil for vaping. This however is an opinion based on personal preference. Most of the time, the favorable option will depend on the material you are planning to use. Below, we will go into detail on each type of coil and oven so that you make the perfect decision based on your personal needs.

Conduction (convection style) Heating

This is the most common option for dry herb vaporizers. The reason this is considered "convection style" is because the herb is heated with hot air while touching a surface that tends to be warmer than the other side that is only affected by the hot air released. The great part about this type of vape is that it usually comes with a temperature regulator. This means that if the dry herbal blend has a low level of moisture, you can start vaping at 350°F while if the material has a higher moisture level, you are usually able to crank it up to as much as 430°F. Often, people are new to vaping and do not like the small difference in the feeling of THC vaporized instead of combusted. This is where cranking the temperature up will most likley resolve your issue.

Convection Heating

For anyone looking for pure vapor with no sign of smoke or cumbustion, this is the way to go. Often, this heating system is preferred by people with lung or throat issues. Pure vapor can be accomplished when the perfect temperature is used. It is important to keep in mind that temperature will depend on the moisture level of the dry herbal blend. Some convection vaporizers will have an option to go over the recommended vaping temperature. This is usually due to it being a dual use vape. Dual use vaporizers with a convection heating oven will have some sort of liquid or concentrate pad. This will allow concentrates to vaporize instead of turning into "soup" form and leaking into the oven holes. Concentrates require a higher temperature than dry herbs to vaporize. It is also common for first time vapers to not appreciate the result of vaping dry herbs. The affect can be considerred "weaker" than smoking. The reason some see it this way is because the amount of herb that is vaped in the oven is less than the amount of herb combusted within a joint. Vaping the right way will also create a cleaner high. If you are looking for that heavy feeling you get from smoking, you are able to crank the temperature to the max just like a conduction vaporizer.

Vaping with open coils

Most of the time, open coils are used for solid concentrates and thick oils. Coils are commonly made of either ceramic or quartz. Nowadays, it is rare for steel to be used as much as it once was at the beginning of the vaping industry. Open coils can be single rod, dual rod, pancake style, donut style or even use both ceramic and quartz within the same chamber. All of these options will affect the solid concentrates you use slightly different. Since coils are not expensive, we recommend to experiment and see which you like more. Very rarely, open coils can be used with dry herbs. The result will be smoke via combustion therefore making it the same as smoking a joint or bowl. Many years ago the Snoop Dogg G Pen was popular as well as the AtmosRX vape pen. These vapes were used to smoke without being noticed in an open area as smoke will still have the same odor as whenever herb is combusted.