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Vaporizer Pens

At Portable Hookahs, we strive to give our customers a wide range of options when it comes to vaporizing devices. That’s why we offer a large selection of high-quality vaporizing pens. If you aren’t familiar with portable personal vapor pens, we’re here to go over the basics. There are several reasons why the vaporizer pen is becoming an increasingly popular choice because it allows the user to avoid the harmful effects that you would experience from a normal cigarette. Vapor Kits in the shape of a pen are similar to e-cigarettes in many ways, but they differ in the fact that you can add any type of dry herb blend that you want. You will also have the ability to use oils and waxes with your pen style vape, but those aren’t the only benefits.

Of course, the portability of a vapor pen is a major advantage for anyone who travels a lot or simply wants to smoke throughout the day. Whether you keep it in your
pocket, around your neck, or anywhere else, your personal vape can always be close by when you want it. At Portable Hookahs, we are obviously known for offering several different types of portable devices. However, while most of the devices we have available can easily be taken with you from one place to another there is nothing more portable than the vape pen, a small device that can fit in your pocket.

We mentioned earlier that you can use more than just dry herbs with your vape pen, and that’s definitely one of the main reasons these pens are becoming more popular. While some pens actually have the ability to work with herbs, oils, and waxes out of the box, not every device has this feature. Fortunately, we offer several different attachments that can you can use to customize your pen, transforming it into a dry herb vaping device to one that can also be used with vaporizing concentrates.

We firmly believe that these portable pens are a great way for anyone who is looking for an affordable hookah device. In fact, the average vaping pen cost less than $100, and many of them start at even lower price points. Many people think vaping is an expensive habit, but that’s simply not true. Even the higher-end models are available at reasonable prices, and there are of course additional customization options and accessories for anyone who wants them.

Another reason why these pens are good for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience vaping is the small dosing size. These pens have a limited amount of space, so you don’t need to load them up with the same of amount of dry herbs that you would in a larger vaporizing device. But they are not just great starting points for beginners. They’re also perfect for people who have a lot of experience vaping. When you’re not at home, you can rest easy knowing your pen is always in your pocket when you want to vape for a few minutes at a time.

Vapor Pens

Portable Hookahs offers vaping pens from some of the top names in the industry. We offer several different pen style vapor kits, all of which come with the parts and accessories you need to get started. Whether you are interested in dry herb, oil, wax, or all of them, we have the perfect vaporizer to suit your needs. In many cases we offer optional accessories, your choice of color, and several other customizable options during the checkout process.

Now that you understand that basics of what vaporizing pens are, it’s time to browse our online store and see everything we have to offer. The team at Portable Hookahs strives to offer a wide range of options, and we are adding new devices to our store all of the time. In addition to standard vapes, we also offer several different types of accessories. From carrying cases to attachments that allow you to use oil and wax with your pen, we offer something for every hookah fan. Whether you’ve just started vaporizing or you’ve been doing it for years, we know that you will be nothing but impressed by any of the vaporizers we have for sale.

You can place your order online today, and make sure you give us a call if you have questions. A knowledgeable member of the Portable Hookahs team is here to provide you with more details about any of the products we have available. Thank you for choosing us and we hope you enjoy your new vaping device!

Understanding the difference

  • Atmos Boss Vaporizer - The Atmos Boss dry herb vape is one of the few current devices that uses a more convectional heating method. The device will produce vapor instead of smoke unlike most vape pens.
  • Aurora Vaporizer - The Aurora vape is for solid concentrates as well as waxy oils. This device uses a fully conduction heating method that is perfectly designed for concentrates. It also has a patented magentic connection therefore never having the issue of a stripped thread.
  • Cannastick CBD / Oil Vaporizer - This device is intended for only diluted oil capable of being vaporized without an open coil. The oil must be the same consistency as CBD oil or eLiquid. Waxy oils will not work with this device.