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Genius Pipe

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Once you get your hands on this pipe, you’ll completely understand why they call it the Genius Pipe! With a “load and go” design, this pipe is easy to use and take wherever the wind blows you. The new super-intelligent dimple design gives you the ability to experience the original flavor of your herb while being able to slide the magnetic cover closed and trap the flavor and the smell inside.

Travelers Dream Pipe

If you’re someone who is constantly on the go but you still like to have a little something with you, this pipe is perfect for you! Not only is it small and discreet enough that you can easily throw it into your handbag, purse, or pocket, but it also doesn’t look like your typical pipe. People around you will be none the wiser if you want to keep a low profile.

This new pipe also works perfect for a load and go. Simply slide open the magnetic cover, put your herb in, and slide it shut. The cover not only protects your herb from spilling out, but it also works as a shield to block in the smell and smoke. Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the aroma of their herb and doesn’t want it to get lost in the wind!

Super Simple Design

While this pipe is small and discreet, it still looks stylish and makes you feel like you’re holding something that’s expensive. The magnetic cover easily seals shut so you won’t lose any herb, but the pipe is easy to take apart so you can clean it thoroughly.

In addition to being easy to take apart, the pipe also has a “dimple design.” What this means is that inside the pipe is tiny little dimple that act as micro vortices. The clever little design filters the smoke by cleaning and cooling it without the use of water!

Flavorful Hits

As many of us know, there are hundreds of different strains available to us when it comes to tobacco, dry herbs, and concentrates. This means there are lots of different flavors, aromas, and tastes just waiting to be explored. Unlike other pipes and bongs designed for a smooth taste, the Genius pipe makes it so you don’t need water to cool your smoke. This means that you can easily experience the original taste and flavor of your herb giving you the ability to really try out some new concentrates.

It’s a pipe that doesn’t look like a pipe, so you can easily take it anywhere. It’s super easy to clean, take apart, and load with whatever herb you want. And best of all, it gives you amazingly smooth hits. This Genius Pipe is really the whole package and gives any user the pipe experience they’ve been dreaming of. No matter what kind of pipe user you are, this intelligent and innovative new pipe is sure to meet all your requirements without breaking the bank. Check out our in-house Genius Pipe review for a more in depth look at the quality and performance.

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