Genius Pipe Review


With a name like ‘Genius Pipe’ it’s easy to say that expectations are set pretty high. This creative little pipe claims to offer cooler smoke temperatures, give you the original flavor and aroma of your herb, and give a newer and more discreet experience to smoking out of a pipe. Like we said, pretty high expectations, but Genius Pipe pulls it off!

The new and sleek looking pipe not only gives you cooler smoke, but it also travels well, is super easy to use, and safely seals your herb protecting from spillage. That’s a lot to love about this tiny little— dare we say genius?— pipe.


At first glance, the Genius Pipe doesn’t look like a pipe at all. The sleek and sophisticated design is perfect for anyone who values discretion when they’re out and about. It fits perfectly in your pocket or handbag, and has the durability to not get scuffed up while you’re putting it away. If you’re looking for something sleek and easy to carry around without raising eyebrows, this is the pipe for you.This new and innovative device is revolutionizing the way people see pipes!


Like we said, from the outside it doesn’t look like a pipe at all. With magnetic covers that open easily but still safely seal your herb inside, the Genius Pipe is easy to load, unload, and clean. Not to mention with the magnetic covers, your herb stays safely sealed inside the pipe, so you won’t lose or waste anything if you have to toss it in your pocket or bag real quick. Just make sure it’s sealed and you’re good to go!

Cooler Smoke Temperatures

We’ve all probably burnt our lungs once or twice because of the smoke temperature, but with the Genius Pipe this problem vanishes. This intelligent device AKA portable hookah pipe utilizes what is referred to as dimple design. This basically means that the little dimples inside the pipe act as a filter for the smoke by cleaning and cooling without the use of water. So, the smoke is cooled naturally through the pipe— giving you smoke that won’t burn your throat.

Original Flavor

We all know that there are lots of different strains available to us when it comes to dry herb, but what you might not realize is how much of the original taste and flavor you’re missing out on when you have to add water to your pipe. Since this smart pipe doesn’t need water to cool down the smoke, you can experience the original taste and flavor of your herb. You’ll be amazed at how different this can make your smoking experience, especially when you get to really enjoy some new flavors.

Like we said, this pipe is nothing short of Genius! Perfect for travelers and people on the go, you can take it with you anywhere. It naturally cools the smoke, safely seals in your herb, and is super easy to load and reload. What more could you ask for in a pipe? This little device is changing the smoking game!