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G Pen Nova 2


G Pen Nova 2

Kit Includes:
(1) Nova Battery
(1) Nova Oven
(1) Charging Cable
1-Year Warranty
Works w/ Oil Cartridges

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dry herb and wax

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The G Pen Nova is the newest addition to the G Pen family with an incredible price point while being a dual use vape pen. We recommend this vape primarily for use with wax, shatter, crumble, thick oil and other solid concentrates. This device is also compatible with dry herbs! The Nova has a ceramic dish heating element with a quartz bowl. This is quality at its finest at the lowest price online. There are three voltage settings on the Nova allowing you to have an option of three heat settings to choose from based on the material and consistency you will be using. It also features an extended draw mode called "sesh mode" which is easily actived by double tapping the power button. You are able to get a 15 second draw and we can assure you, that is all you need with this vape pen.  The Nova is also equipped with a powerful and efficient 300mAh battery that allows pass-through charging meaning you can vape while it is plugged in.

Using with concentrates

For concentrates, the Nova comes with an integrated concentrate load tool. The tool is on the other side of the mouthpiece making it quick and easy to load your material, press/twist it into the chamber, and instantly start vaping. Once your vape is loaded, choose your temperature. Hold down the power button for it to start heating. You may want to try the "Sesh Mode" for best performance as well as larger clouds. 

Using with dry herbal blends

Often, it is said to have your dry herbs grinded finely for use with a vaporizer. For the Nova, we recommend chunkier pieces. This means either grind it or even break it up by hand. To reduce draw resistance as with all vapes, do not over-stuff the dry material in the heating chamber. For blends with higher moisture, you may want to use the higher voltage settings while material more dry should be vaped with a lower voltage setting.

How to use

The Nova vape pen has the simple 5-click on and off feature. Once the battery is on, you can toggle between voltage settings by quickly tapping the power button 3 times. For low voltage (3.2 Volts) the color is blue. For medium voltage (3.5 Volts) the color is green and for high voltage (3.7 Volts) the color will be red. Last but not least, we encourage you to try the "Sesh Mode" for solid concentrates. All you have to do is double tap the power button and the device will continuously heat your concentrates until you press the power button again to exit the session mode. It is very important you clean the heating chamber with isopropyl alcohol when switching between dry herbs and concentrates.  

For more information on which other dual use vapes we carry as well as how well some of them perform, visit our Vaporizer Reviews section.

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