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Vaporizers are available in all styles, shapes and forms therefore we will provide insight on how some of these devices operate. Hundreds of companies open yearly but most do not make it and customers are left without warranty or support after spending a few hundred dollars. Before you spend your money on a new vaporizer, please take a look at what enthusiasts had to say about some of these popular vaporizer units. We will be uploading new reviews periodically but if you know of a specific product you wish to have reviewed, please CONTACT US and we will do our best to make it happen.

The vape pen has the most popular gadgets in the community but can be deceiving when looking for specific functionality. When searching for a way to vaporizer concentrates, you will need a conduction vape. This is because wax and solid concentrates require direct access to the heat source in order to vaporize properly. Because of this design, production will cost less passing the savings directly to customers. Some choose the convection style vapes but often complain that their material becomes something they refer to as "soup" and cannot release much vapor.

The most difficult vape to choose is the dry herb vaporizer because they can range from $35 up to $700. This is where we urge you to do your research as well as watch many reviews before the purchase. Often customers can purchase a vape based on the design on impulse but are disappointed once they realize the mistake they made. We can only recommend a convection style vaporizer when using it with dry herbal medicine. Please stay away from conduction vaporizers unless you are using it with concentrates because dry herbs will combust when touching an exposed heating element.

The oil vaporizer is a bit tricky because people often mistake oil vapes for eLiquid vaporizers and vice versa. Please double check that you are purchasing the correct vape for the material you have by emailing us or reading as well as watching a review video on the device you are interested in. We at Portable Hookahs will do everything in our power to make sure that you are a satisfied customer. Thank you and happy shopping!