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G Pen Micro+


G Pen Micro+

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(1) Micro+ Battery
(1) Micro+ Heating Tank
(1) Micro+ Mouthpiece Assembly
(1) G Pen Key-chain Tool
(1) USB-C Charging Cable
(1) Hemp Made Carry Case

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The G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer is one of the top portable vaporizers from G Pen, who are known for making excellent products. The Micro+ is filled with great features and new innovations, making it one of the best vape pens on the market for both newcomers and those more experienced with vaping.


The Micro+ sports a sleek design that is extremely newcomer friendly and easy to use. The all-black device has only one button on its entire exterior, making sure that users never become confused over how to operate the device. Equipped with haptic feedback, dual-channel airflow, and a ceramic plate heater, the G Pen Micro+ is designed to be a portable vaporizer that still delivers a quality experience.

The device is powered by an 850 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The device charges through a USB-C charger, meaning it can charge much faster than vaporizers that are powered by standard USB charging. This battery is very interesting, as it adjusts its power output based on whether users are utilizing a Micro+ tank or a 510 cartridge for their concentrate, ensuring that it never overheats.


Before you do anything with your new G Pen Micro+, you’ll want to register it to the G Pen website. To do this, users will need to locate the serial number on the bottom of the devices package, or on the top of the battery for the vaporizer. Registering the device to the G Pen website will allow users to receive a free one year warranty, which can be extremely beneficial. Now you don’t have to worry about your Micro+ breaking during that first year. This may not seem like a big deal, but giving users a one year warranty for free is a great way for G Pen to show that they value their customers.

After registering your device, it’s time to finally use it. The previously mentioned USB-C charging port of the device is located on its bottom surface. Users will want to fully charge up before they use the Micro+ for the first time. When the device is charging the LED button will flash red, turning green when it has reached its full charge. Turning the device on takes five quick presses of the button, which will also turn it off when needed. Users should then select their preferred heat setting, which we’ll go into more detail about soon. After selecting a temperature, simply remove the mouthpiece of the device to access the loading chamber. The chamber is super easy to load into, and has room for plenty of concentrate. Re-attach the mouthpiece, and either hold the LED button for manual heating, or tap it twice for automatic heating. No matter which option you choose, the button will turn solid green when it is ready to be used.

Always be aware of the LED button when using the Micro+. In addition to flashing when charging and fully charged, the button will flash five times when the battery is starting to get low. It will also flash red and green five times if your device is experiencing any tank connection issues.


The G Pen Micro+ has three temperature settings and users can see which temperature has been selected by looking at the color of the LED ring around the central button. Blue represents the lowest temperature, green is the middle temperature, and red represents the highest temperature on the device. These three distinct temperature settings should be more than enough for most users to experiment with when using different herbs, so users can find their favorite settings. Switching between these temperatures is very easy, only requiring three quick taps of the LED button.

The heating system of the Micro+ is quite complex and does a fantastic job of thoroughly heating concentrate without burning it. This ceramic plate heater also allows users to really experience the flavors of their concentrate, while still producing high amounts of vapor.


The Micro+ may be the most portable device on the market today. The device is easy to take around, as it can fit into a pocket or bag. If you prefer to not let it bounce around loosely when you take it with you and want to keep it more secure, the device also comes with its own carrying case that can keep it safe.

The simple black design of the Micro+ allows it to blend in and be very discreet. The pen-like shape should bring you no amount of unwanted attention and is very unassuming. Anyone wanting a vaporizer that they can take on the go should absolutely give the Micro+ a look.


The G Pen Micro+ does everything a vaporizer for concentrates should do, all while being one of the most portable devices on the market. With an outstanding price of around $80, there really is no reason why anyone looking for a portable vaporizer shouldn’t pick up the micro+ as it is bound to make you happy.

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