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Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer

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The Yocan Evolve Plus is a fantastic concentrate vaporizer. The device has everything someone would expect in a modern concentrate vape, while having a few cool tricks as well. If you’re looking for a new vape pen to use with your concentrate, the Evolve Plus may be the device for you.


The Evolve line of vaporizers from Yocan has become a staple in the vaporizer community, and the Evolve Plus may be the best product from that line. Every aspect of the Evolve’s design has been done with one goal in mind: creating the best concentrate vaporizer on the market. Users will definitely be able to see this dedication when using the device. The Evolve Plus has a pen shape that many will be accustomed to, as it has become the industry standard for portable vaporizers. The device retains this familiar shape while also adding some new innovations to it. One of these is the attached wax container on the device. Storing your concentrate is a problem that many people run into with smaller vaporizers like these, as not having enough can make the device much less practical to take with you on the go. However, the people at Yocan know about this problem and decided to get rid of it entirely. This storage chamber will be able to hold a great deal of concentrate, and it just attaches itself directly to the device. Now, you won’t have to worry about running out of concentrate when you’re away from home and in need of a quick session.

The Evolve Plus is equipped with an 1100mah battery. Many vape pens on the market today are powered by a 650mah battery, so the Evolve Plus can about double their battery capacity, which is a huge plus. Users should find that this battery lasts them throughout the day, allowing for several sessions when on the go. Charging the device is quite simple, as you do so through a Micro USB charging port. This is also a great design choice, as Micro USB chargers are extremely common and users shouldn’t have any difficulty finding some even if out in public.


The Yocan Evolve Plus does not have any user temperature control features, which may be disappointing to some. Many users have their specific preference of temperatures, which may even change depending on which concentrate they are using. While the Evolve Plus does not allow users to control the temperature settings of the device, it makes up for this by having a superb heating system. The device heats concentrate through a dual quartz coil atomizer. Having a dual quartz coil atomizer in a vaporizer of this price is a great deal, as many vaporizers outfitted with the same heating mechanism are far more expensive than the Evolve Plus. This impressive atomizer is great for producing very large vapor clouds and providing users with great flavor from their preferred concentrate. Even though it has no temperature settings, the Evolve Plus reaches a temperature that has been proven to effectively heat concentrates of all types.

Using the Device

Loading and using the Evolve Plus is a fairly simple process that even newcomers should have no trouble with. Of course, always make sure your vaporizer is charged before planning to use it. To turn the Evolve Plus on, press the power button five times in quick succession. The power button is the main rectangular button located on the front of the device. Following this, users may want to hold down the power button for about five seconds a few times. This will turn on the atomizer and help to burn away any impurities leftover in the chamber which is important to do only once before you start using your device. If you do this step, make sure to wait a few minutes afterwards before loading up your concentrates.

To load the Evolve Plus, you’ll want to remove the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. To do this, twist the mouthpiece counterclockwise. It should easily come off. After exposing the heating chamber, you are ready to load up your concentrate. It is recommended that you do so using the help of the dab tool included with the vaporizer. Make sure that you do not accidentally hit any of the coils while loading your concentrate, as doing so could potentially damage them. To replace the mouthpiece, simply put it back into position and rotate it clockwise. It should snap back into place easily, so don’t twist too hard as it could potentially break it.

Once you’ve loaded the device, you should be ready to have a session. To use the device, put your mouth up to the mouthpiece. While doing this, hold down on the power button until you feel vapors starting to rise up, take a pull. From here, just keep going until you’re done with the session!


As with all vape pens, the Evolve Plus is very portable and easy to take around with you on the go. One aspect of the device that really makes it portable is the previously mentioned concentrate storage chamber. Being able to carry around extra concentrate with you allows you to take the device with you on longer trips. The long lasting battery also makes these longer trips feasible, as you won’t have to worry about finding a place to charge the Evolve Plus. While the Evolve Plus may be a little bigger than some other vape pens, it should still fit into your pocket or bag very easily. This device is very portable, and it is a perfect vaporizer to take with you on long trips.


Having the distinction of being the signature vaporizer from the Yocan Evolve line, the Yocan Evolve Plus is packed with user-friendly features. With an outstanding heating system, a sleek and easy to use design, and a built in concentrate storage container, it is hard to go wrong with the Evolve Plus. The device is available for $49.99, which is an amazing deal. Most vaporizers of this quality would normally be double that price. If you are in need of a concentrate vaporizer that won’t break the bank, definitely take a look at the Yocan Evolve Plus.

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