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viVape Vaporizer - Version 2


viVape Vaporizer - Version 2

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Kit Includes: (1) power cord (2) custom tapered bags (1) medical grade hose (3 feet) (1) wand/whip glass material container (1) glass mouthpiece (1) vapor valve (5) screen replacements (2) stir sticks (2) medical grade tie wraps (1) owner's manual (1) owner registration card

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Known for its sleek and high-tech design, the viVape 2 desktop vaporizer offers a cool and functional style that’s great for vaping with friends. Its dual-mode delivery system allows users to vapewith either a balloon or whip, and it utilizes a smart touchscreen user interface to give users precise control of their preferred vaping method, temperature, and duration. Ultimately, the flavor it produces supersedes that of any other product like it.

User-friendly Tabletop Vaporizer

The viVape 2 comes with a bunch of new upgrades that weren’t included in its previous model. First, it improves usability with various new design features that are safe and easy for first-time users. It’s also quick and easy to assemble. In just under five minutes, you and your friends will be passing the whip and enjoying fresh vapor from your favorite herb.

Universally Accepted High-tech Design

This desktop vaporizer accommodates for even the most nitpicky of users. Its smart touchscreen allows you to set precise temperatures, the length of time you want to vape, and the method in which you do it. It’s crazy fast to heat up, and the heating chamber lights up once it reaches your desired temperature. Did we mention it can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its 110/220 volt electrical output?

Pure and Full Flavor

Using a glass on glass heating element, you’re guaranteed to receive maximum flavor with each draw. The viVape 2’s high-quality forced-air system ensures a fresh and pure vape that other desktop vaporizers simply can’t produce.

How to Use theviVape 2 Desktop Vaporizer

Thanks to its touchscreen interface, even beginners find the viVape 2 easy to use.

- First, make sure the vaporizer is plugged in. Use the power cord that’s included with the kit, and do not turn it on until everything is fully assembled.

- Next, you’ll need to take the whip and attach it to the herbchamber. Make sure to use a screen guard (the little plastic tube that fits over the whip) and place it over where the whip and herb chamber connect. This will help protect the whip from the heat coming through theheating chamber.

- Then if you plan to vape using the whip, attach the mouthpiece to the other end of the whip and move to the next step. If you plan to use the balloon, then you’ll first need to attach the vapor valve to the balloon. The vapor valve will let you control the release of vapor by either pushing the green side in to open the valve or the red side in to close it. Then you just need to attach the other end of the vapor valve to the whip.

- Now, turn on the viVape 2 and select your vapor method, temperature and vape duration using the touchscreen. While it heats up, carefully pack your herb of choice into the herbchamber until it is a third to half of the way full. Once the heating chamber lights up, you’re ready to start vaping to your heart’s content!Just insert the herbchamber into the glass heating chamber for immediate and constant vapor.

- When you’re done, simply remove the whip from the heating chamber and turn off the vaporizer. It will immediately go into a cooling mode for about 4-5 minutes before completely shutting down.

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