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VHIT Elegant - Dry Herb Handheld Vaporizer


VHIT Elegant - Dry Herb Handheld Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Full VHIT Elegant Vape Pen with Atomizer (1) Replaceable Metal Coil (1) Mini Steel Ball (1) Cleaning Brush (1) Empty Bottle (for filling water chamber) (1) 18650 Battery Wall Charger (1) User Manual (1) Gift Box * 18650 Battery Not Included
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VHIT Elegant by Cannastick

The manufacturers that create new vaporizer pens are always looking for creative new ways to make their devices look great. After all, the average consumer will look at a variety of vape pens before choosing one that most appeals to their specific sense of style. It’s not all just about aesthetics, though, as even those new to vaping know that a dry herb vaporizer is really only as good as the hit that it delivers. One vaporizer that perfectly straddles the line between beauty and performance is the Cannastick VHit Elegant. This is definitely not your average vaporizer, but it is one that will definitely catch the eye when you see it in use.

The first thing that you will notice about the VHit Elegant when you remove it from the box and piece it together is that this is a large device. There is no room for subtlety here, but there is also no denying that it is an incredibly striking design. It’s a smart design, too, as the angular shape of the vaporizer means that you can set it down on a flat surface without having to worry about it rolling away after a slight bump. This device can also be considered a water bong vaporizer – the first of its kind.

This is actually an important little feature, as the bubbler attachment that sits on top of the battery and coil is made from glass. When put together, the mixture of stainless steel and tempered Pyrex glass makes for an incredibly elegant-looking design, making the name of the unit seem all the more spot on. You can have the whole thing put together in a matter of seconds after taking it out of the box, but if you want to vape, you are going to have to load the container with water (a water bottle for filling the chamber is provided) and the dry herb of your choice.

Once you have everything loaded up, press the button on the battery five times, which will turn the button red to let you know that the coil is being heated. Once the unit is ready to be vaped, the light will turn from red to green. When you take a hit, you will be treated to a great little vape show in the bubbler attachment as the vapor swirls around in there like a miniature tornado. The effect is not just visually appealing though, as it is all part of the filtration process that allows you to get an almost perfect hit with every puff.

The Cannastick VHit Elegant starter kit comes with almost everything you need to have a fantastic vaping experience. Besides the aforementioned pieces, you also get a battery charger, cleaning brush, replacement coil, a miniature steel ball to carry your dry herb around in and a complete user manual that perfectly describes all you need to know about this amazing vaporizer. All you will need to purchase to get going is an 18650 battery. This is definitely a device that makes a statement, which is why so many are choosing it as their go-to portable vaporizer. It also helps that the cost is more than affordable, and is a great value for such a high-end device.


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