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Vexil Vaporizer


Vexil Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) Vexil Vape
(1) Cleaning Brush
(2) Mouthpiece Screens
(1) Charging Cable
(1) User Manual
4 Preset Temperature Options
Zirconia spiral cooling airpath
Magnetic Mouthpiece
Ceramic Oven

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The Boundless Vexil is a new herbal vaporizer that may just be the best product from Boundless as of yet. The device has been designed with the user in mind, and it shows when looking at all of its new features and innovations. Let’s check out some of the aspects that make the Boundless Vexil a special product.


The thing that users are likely to notice immediately about the Vexil is its unique shape. The device almost looks more like a key fob than an herbal vaporizer, but the design carries a lot of advantages. For starters, it is very small and will easily fit into your hand or pocket. It is also very light, weighing only 154g. Despite this lightweight design, the Vexil is a sturdy device, as its base is made of metal. This is an immediate upgrade over similar vaporizers, as many of those are made of plastic shells. Having a metal base ensures that the Vexil won’t fall apart after one accidental drop. The sturdy vaporizer is also equipped with some neat features that set it apart from its competitors. One of these is stealth mode. As we’ll discuss later, the Vexil shines lights on the front of the device that correspond to the current temperature. In stealth mode, these lights will turn off, allowing for maximum discreetness.

The Vexil is powered by an 1800 mAh battery. Compared to similar products, this is quite the high-powered battery, and users will find that they can get about six quality sessions from one full charge. Speaking of charging, the Vexil utilizes USB-C charging, which is often faster and more powerful than standard USB charging. In fact, the vaporizer can go from zero to fully charged in just 45 minutes, so users won’t have to panic if they run out of juice while on the go.

Heating and Temperature Settings

There are four temperature settings available on the Vexil that users can choose from. These settings are 360, 80, 400, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Each temperature corresponds to a certain color that will be displayed on the front of the device. 360 is green, 380 is purple, 400 is blue, and 420 is red. Between these four settings, those using the device should be able to find the perfect temperature setting to go with their dry herb strain of choice.

The Vexil heats herbs through conduction/convection heating. This means that the heat source of the vaporizer makes direct contact with your herbs but is still heated by hot air which flows through the herbs to indirectly heat them. One advantage of conduction heating is that it typically heats herbs much faster than convection. The spiral cooling airpath in the device also ensures that all of your hits will be as clean as possible.

Using the Device

Using the Vexil is a fairly simple process. To start, make sure the device is charged before using it. As previously mentioned, this will not take very long, even if you find that it is completely out of charge. Following this, you will be ready to load your herb into the heating chamber. To do this, remove the mouthpiece from the top of the device. Put your herb into the heating chamber, but make sure not to pack it in too tightly, as this can cause poor airflow. Reattach the mouthpiece, and then you’ll be ready to turn the device on.

To power up the Vexil, click the power button (the largest button on the vaporizer, located at the top of the device) five times. Doing so while the device is on will also turn it off. Below the power button, you will find two arrow-shaped buttons. These will adjust the temperature, as you can choose between the four options mentioned previously. If you decide you want to turn the heat source off while you are having a session, do so by holding the power button for three seconds. Holding it down for three seconds again will actually restart the heating source. After you are finished having a session, the Vexil will actually go into sleep mode all on its own.

As you can see, this is an easy device to use. It is made to be used quickly when on the go, so it makes sense that it would only have a few buttons and a straightforward design.


The shape of the Vexil helps to make it incredibly portable. While some pen-shaped vaporizers run into the problem of being too long to practically fit in a pocket, the Vexil can easily do so, and you are unlikely to even notice it. This shape allows the Vexil to not only fit into a pocket, but also a bag or even your hand if you simply want to carry it around with you. The device is also small enough to be very inconspicuous if you are using it in public. Nobody is likely to have any suspicions. The Vexil also heats up very quickly thanks to its conduction heating system, so you won’t have to wait long to take a hit. Instead, you can simply pull it out right when you need it, use it, and put it back in again.


Being a new product on the market, the Boundless Vexil has many new innovations and has perfected many of the features that have become a commonplace over the years with herbal vaporizers. With such high quality material and tech, the Vexil has a rather steep price point of $119.99 While this may seem like a lot to some, it is standard for vaporizers of this quality, and users will definitely be getting their money’s worth. This isn’t a device that is going to easily break on you, and you won’t need to replace it after using it a few times. If you find yourself in need of a high-quality portable vaporizer, definitely take a look at the Boundless Vexil.

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