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VaporX XRT Dry Herb Oil/Wax Vaporizer


VaporX XRT Dry Herb Oil/Wax Vaporizer

What's Included In This Kit (1) Advanced battery (650 mAh) (1) Heating chamber (1) Rubber mouthpiece screen (1) Packing/cleaning tool (1) USB charger cable (1) USB wall adapter

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VaporX XRT Dry Herb Oil/Wax Vaporizer

The benefits of using the VaporX XRT dry herb vaporizer are almost too numerous to mention. The battery included in the kit is among the best in the business, and the incredibly fast 10-second heat up means that you can be vaping in no time at all. Using this superb vaporizer pen means having your choice of dry herbs, essential oils or eliquids, each of which delivers a truly unique vaping experience. A world of flavor stands before you with the VaporX XRT!

The extreme portability of the VaporX XRT vape pen makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite herbs while you are on the go. Soothing blends like chamomile are a favorite for many, while others prefer dry herbs and ability to use the vape pen for medical use. You will never be stuck for options when you spend a little extra to get the eliquid chamber, which allows you access to even more flavor sensations.

Smoke Your Favorite Blend of Herbs!

With the VaporX XRT, you have the freedom to smoke your favorite blend of herbs on the go. From blends of chamomile to medical herbs, this vaporizer pen is the only thing you need to vape on the go. In case you run out of herb, pick up the extra eliquid chamber for even more options!

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