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Vapium Lite


Vapium Lite

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Kit Includes:
(1) Lite Vaporizer
(1) 14/18 Water Pipe Adapter
(1) Mouthpiece
(1) USB-C Charger
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) Extra Air Intake Drawer
1-Year Warranty

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The Vapium Lite is a discrete herbal vaporizer that fits in your pocket and provides a clean, smooth hit. This weed vaporizer has eight preset temperature settings, a ceramic conduction chamber, clean air path, and easy-to-use mechanical buttons. This portable vape pen is a great choice for anyone seeking to vape dry herbal blends.

Vapium Lite Vaporizer Specifications

The Vapium Lite is a ground leaf  vaporizer made of anodized aluminum. It's available in black, rose, and graphite. It includes an 1100 mAh 18500 battery that lasts approximately 12 sessions before needing to charge. The battery takes 60 minutes to fully charge using the included USB-C cable. It is removable and replaceable.

It measures 10cm x 2.2cm x 3.6cm, and the heating chamber can hold up to 0.33 g. Vapium Lite is lightweight, weighing only 0.19 lbs (88 g). It comes with all necessary accessories for cleaning, charging, and usage.

Vapium Lite Vaporizer Features

Vapium Lite's removable polycarbonate mouthpiece includes a medical-grade silicone air path. The air path winds through the mouthpiece, which acts as a cooling chamber for the vape. This gives your lungs a smoother, more satisfying hit. It's also easy to remove and clean the mouthpiece by soaking it in 99% ISO.

The ceramic heating chamber has improved heat retention when using its eight heat settings. Heat settings range from 356F to 446F, so you can choose your preferred temperature. Although not fully adjustable, these eight settings cover the range of terpene and cannabinoid evaporation temps. It heats up within 30 seconds and haptic feedback vibrates the Vapium Lite vaporizer when it is ready for vaping.

Vapium Lite Vape Benefits

The Vapium Lite uses industry-standard ceramic conduction heating. This provides even heat for a smoother hit. Its metal case is sturdy and can handle being dropped, but the medical grade silicone/polycarbonate mouthpiece is easy to remove and clean.

Physical buttons and preset temperatures make it easy to find the perfect vaping temperature. Color coded LED lighting, along with temps printed on the device is useful for vapers of any experience level. The small size makes it ideal for on-the-go usage without bringing attention to yourself.

Ease of Use

Vapium Lite is easy to both use and clean. Simply fill the chamber with ground herb, replace the cap, and press the power button. An LED light indicates the device temperature. Press the +/- buttons to set the ideal temperature, and wait 30 seconds for it to heat up. When complete, the device vibrates and the LED turns green to let you know. An included water pipe adapter lets you easily attach this weed vaporizer to an external bong.

When finished vaping, remove the chamber cap to empty the oven. Use the included cleaning brush to catch any remaining flakes, then clean any residue with an alcohol wipe.

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