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Vapir Prima Vaporizer


Vapir Prima Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Vapir Prima (1) Plug Brush (1) Filling Scoop (1) Power Supply (1) Charger (1) Cleaning Tool (1) Silicone Cap Sleeve (2) Screens & Wax Pads

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Do you like your vapes sleek, shiny, stylish, and simple? The Vapir Prima is all those things and more! With a beautiful brushed aluminum body that comes in 4 metallic styles, the ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates, optimized temperature settings, and a killer 5-year warranty, this dry her and wax vaporizer is a good choice for just about any vape enthusiast. Like any good vape should, it offers a nice, dense vapor and strong flavor with excellent durability and long-lasting performance.

Unique Brushed Aluminum Body

This metal vape doesn’t look like most of the other vaporizers on the market. The shiny body of the Vapir Prima offers elegance to the design, and it is accented by a matte black mouthpiece, battery chamber, and power button. It comes in 4 colors: shiny silver, metallic blue or orange, and classic black. 

Single-Button Design

With just one button, this vape operates in a simple, traditional manner. Press once to see the battery level. Hold down the button for 2-3 seconds to turn the vape on and off or to cycle it through the presets. The LED lights will let you know when the vape is on, when it’s heating up, and when it’s fully-heated and ready to go. The button also has an auto-shutoff feature, and if you’re not done with your session when it shuts off, just hold the button down for 2-3 seconds and it will turn right back on. Simple as that!

Removable, Replaceable Battery

The unique design of the battery chamber allows you to completely remove the battery for charging and replace it easily once you’ve vaped countless sessions. The removable battery is also handy if there are no USB ports or outlets in sight—just grab an extra battery and you’ll have a backup on you at all times. This is great for outdoor adventurers.

Dual Function Vaporizer

When you remove the front cap, you’ll see the heating chamber, which you can use to vaporize concentrates or dry herbs. To use dry herbs, grind them finely and insert into the chamber. To vape waxes or waxy oils, use one of the included mesh pads and place your concentrate directly onto the pad.

Easy to Clean

The Vapir Prima comes apart easily so you can clean everything out and keep your flavors fresh and unadulterated. Just slide out the stainless steel vapor path and remove the mouthpiece and screen—you can clean each individual piece with ease.

Even Heating

This vaporizer stands out when it comes to how evenly it heats your herb. You’ll get all the flavor out of your material and pump out delicious vapor clouds time and time again. P.S.—it heats up quickly too!

Best-in-Class Warranty

The Vapir Prima comes with an outstanding 5-year warranty, and you can even purchase additional extended warranties or a lifetime warranty! Vapir stands behind the performance of its products and creates durable vaporizers that are built to last.

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