VaporX XLT Vaporizer Travel Kit

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VaporX XLT Vaporizer Travel Kit

vaporx xlt eliuid ejuice vape pen best vaporizer pen


Easy to Use and Advanced CPU-Controlled Battery

vape pens for eliquids ejuice

VaporX has been bringing the vaporizer community exceptional products for more than five years now. With years of experience under their belt, VaporX vaporizers represent the pinnacle of quality, usability and portability. The VaporX XLT is no exception. The XLT vaporizer pen features a reengineered advanced CPU-controlled battery that optimizes itself for the type of chamber attached and maximizes the battery life, allowing you to vape all day.

The VaporX XLT Vaporizer Travel Kit comes with everything you need for eliquids, but if you want the flexibility to vape dry herbs, waxes or waxy oils you can purchase the optional dry herb chamber for your XLT battery. Using the XLT vaporizer couldn’t be any easier. The little activation button on the front of the unit is simply depressed while you inhale for as long as your little heart desires.

Eliquid Paradise – Perfect for Any of Your Liquids!

Perhaps you are saying no to smoke and making the move to eliquid vaporizers for your health, or maybe you enjoy the nicotine-free flavored eliquids that make the VaporX XLT vaporizer the perfect portable hookah. Whatever your motivation may be, eliquids have soared in popularity over the last couple years. These flavorful vaporizer juices come in a plethora of flavors and nicotine strengths, allowing you to find a taste that suits your puffer.

The VaporX XLT vaporizer is compatible with any PG- or VG-based eliquids. Eliquids come in varying strengths or concentrations, ranging from 0 percent to 3 percent nicotine content, allowing users to find a taste that suits them while also giving vapers an option to step down their nicotine strength and lessen their reliance on nicotine and traditional cigarette smoking. The pure vapor that is released has none of the nasty smoke, ash or tar associated with tobacco, allowing vapers to regain their freedom. Plus, since there’s no smoke or combustion, vaporizer pen users can puff virtually anywhere!



easy to use vaporizer pens

Yeah, It's That Easy!

First, simply unscrew the mouthpiece on the VaporX XLT eliquid tank by rotating the mouthpiece counterclockwise; remember: lefty loosey and righty tighty!

Fill the Tank

The process of filling your eliquid tank may differ depending on the way your eliquid bottle is designed, but the basic process is simple. After removing the mouthpiece, tilt the chamber at a 45-degree angle and pour your liquid along the side of the XL tank to fill the chamber. Be sure to avoid getting liquid down the center tube of the tank. Eliquid poured down the vaporizer tube can cause undesirable tastes and eventually cause damage the XL tank, so this is an important step to pay close attention to. Screw the mouthpiece back on and activate – vape away! With the mouthpiece screwed back on, depress the activation button while inhaling to get a great vape cloud and taste.

Screw the Mouthpiece Back On and Activate! Vape Away!

Now you are all set to vape away! Simply screw the mouthpiece back on and depress the activation button while inhaling!

travel vaporizer pen

Travel Safe – Take It – Vape It – Stow It

So now you’re thinking, this sounds great! It’s cool, healthier, portable, tastes great and is fun to share, but what else besides that? Well, we have to say your expectations are obviously pretty high, but our portable vaporizer is simply the best so we’ll remind you that the real benefit of the VaporX XLT vaporizer is its portability and lifetime battery warranty. Take it with you wherever you travel, whether inside or outdoors. Remember that if you want additional flexibility, the dry herb, oil and wax adapter chambers can provide even more functionality from the same battery that’s included with the kit.

portable vaporizers a healthy smoking alternative

Save Your Breath – A Healthier Alternative

A regular cigarette burns tobacco, paper and the chemicals on the paper, and produces those nasty chemicals that irritate your lungs, mouth, breath, teeth and those around you. The VaporX XLT simply vaporizes eliquids, which contain nearly none of the toxic compounds found in traditional tobacco smoke.

Many have made the switch and found numerous benefits of eliquid vaporizers, including not only a healthier lifestyle, but also finally eliminating the social awkwardness that smoking can cause. You can finally get that tobacco smoke smell out of your clothes, home and car for good. Say no to smoke today with the VaporX XLT Vaporizer Travel Kit!

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The VaporX XLT Vaporizer Pen Kit includes

  • (1) Advanced rechargeable li-ion battery (650 mAh) in your choice of five colors
  • (4) Tank cartomizer (601 thread)
  • (1) USB charger cable with indicator
  • (1) USB wall adapter
  • (1) Carrying case
  • (1) USB car adapter
  • (5) Formula51 eliquid – your choice of flavor/strength
  • (1) Instruction manual

Included In This Video

  • How to Charge The XRT/XLT Battery
  • How to Fill The XL Tank
  • How to Pack The Dry Herb Chamber
  • How to Clean The XRT Dry Herb Chamber

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