V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Review


Anytime you see a vaporizer that is next in the series of that vaporizer type, you’re looking for some big changes that still give you all the capabilities of the last vape in the series. Compared to the V2 Pro Series 2 vaporizer, the 3X gives you everything you had and then adds on some stellar new features that make for an enjoyable and easy vaping session.

What’s New?

So what does the 3X have that the 3 vape didn’t have? The 3X has several features that are worth noting and using. With three heat-up settings for a more customized vape session, a motion activated LED battery sensor, stealth mode features, and an adjustable mouthpiece ring that allows you to choose more or less airflow, the 3X definitely took the product to the next level.

In addition to all these hot new features and capabilities, you’re also getting all the capabilities you had with the 3. With the option to use concentrates, e-liquids and dry herb, you can experience the same 3-in-1 capabilities while also enjoying the handy new features of the 3x. Even though this vape pen seems like the perfect travel device, please keep in mind that the law still states no vaping on airplanes, therefore we suggest to clean the device thoroughly and transfer it via suitcase amidst your travels.

A Discreet Vaper’s Dream

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of vaping. That’s why it’s a good idea to have something discreet that won’t draw attention but still gets the job done. The 3X is just the vape. With an intelligent and portable design, from the outside, the 3X looks just like a normal pen, so if you like to keep a low profile it’s perfect.

The 3X also comes with a stealth mode setting which shuts off all the lights on the vape and cools it down so you can quickly stow it away. Just click the single button 9 times and your vape is back to looking like a normal pen.

Easy to Use and Great Draws

One of the best features of the Series 3 vape was that it was beginner friendly and still gave users some great hits. Luckily, this has all stayed the same with the 3X! Not only do you have a one-button system that’s easy to follow, but you also still get the smooth and flavorful draws. You’re still getting the ease of use that made the 3 so handy, but you also get some other easy to use features that help take the 3X vape to the next level.

The 3X has also kept the magnetic cartridges that can hold a significant amount of product as well as the magnetic charger that easily pops right into place. You won’t have to waste your time trying to screw on pieces and parts when everything easily snaps together securely and protects your product at the same time.

The V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer packs a punch and gives you several new features that can take any vaping experience to the next level. Compared to the 3, this upgraded new product is worth every cent and then some.