What Type of Vapes Are Out There?


There are many styles and options of vapes on the market. Here are some of the main differences you should know in order to make the correct choice when looking to purchase a vaporizer.

When doing your research, we recommend to avoid looking for an All-In-One vaporizer, unless you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars. This is because dual use vapes at a lower price point often use coils. When coils are used, oils, concentrates and eLiquids will vaporize perfectly while dry material will certainly combust. When vaporizing dry herbal blends, you must have a vape equipped with an oven.

Dry Herb Vaping

With dry material, only conduction and convection heating methods will provide pure vapor. If the temperature is increased, you may draw smoke mixed with vapor. There will always be a learning curve with this type of vape. Some vapes may require you to pack the material down while other suggest you leave the blend as is after sprinkling it into the oven. Most commonly, you will notice that dry herbs with a higher moisture level require a higher temperature (400°F-430 °F) while lower moisture levels will allow you to vaporize at as low as 325°F.

Vaping Solid Concentrates

With solid concentrates (wax, shatter, hash, kief, budder, crumble, thick oil) you will see an array of vaping choices. The most popular is the Quartz Coil, this is what we recommend if you have not experimented with any coils just yet. Ceramic coils are the most common and the donut coils are perfect for thick oil. The least recommended option for vaping solid concentrates is using a steel coil or steel oven. When using a dual use vape, make sure it can go to at least 465°F. If the vape does not get hot enough, you will see almost no vapor produced.

Vaping Oil and eLiquid

You might wonder why we chose to explain vaping oil and vaping eLiquids together. This is because CBD or THC oil uses PG (Propylene glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) just like nicotine juice AKA eLiquid/eJuice. Because of the consistency, they can often be used with the same type of vapes, cartridges or coils.