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Truva Mini Plus 2.0 Vaporizer


Truva Mini Plus 2.0 Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) Truva Mini+ 2.0 Vaporizer
(3) Moouthpiece w/ inserts
(1) Packing/Stirring tool
(1) Cleaning brush
(1) USB charger
(1) User Manual
~Convection Style Vaporizer

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Looking for a vaporizer with a great screen, quick heat up, and intelligent.  Introducing the Truva Mini+ Vaporizer.  With an easy to read OLED screen, fast heat up time, and a smart memory option, what’s not to love about this vape?

The Truva Mini+ Vaporizer is the newest kit from the Kind Pen. This device is fully digital with a Quartz chamber that fits up to .5 grams of dry herbal blend. The heat up time is a quick 20 seconds and the OLED digital display will show you everything you need to know such as temperature controls and battery life. The options for temperature varies between 330°F and 430°F therefore depending on the moisture level of your herbal blend, you may want to experiment before you find your preferred setting. This device has a smart memory option so it will remember which temp setting you used last. The battery life at full is about four hours (2200mah) therefore please charge it only when you need it to preserve battery health. This is a full convection vaporizer that produces true vapor with absolutely no combustion. As a freebie, this kit will come with a 3-piece aluminum grinder ONLY when purchasing from Portable Hookahs. On top of all of these incredible qualities, the Truva Mini Vape comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY meaning this will most likely be the last vaporizer you even need to purchase. Please use promo code "420" for an extra savings on top of the current sale! #VapeLife

OLED Digital Display

Having an easy to read display on your vaporizer can make all the difference for your vaping sessions.  The Truva Mini+ Vaporizer easily shows you everything you need to know about your vape, including battery life and temperature controls. 

Unbeatable Heat

Using a ceramic chamber that fits up to .5 grams of dry herbal blend, the heat up time on this vape is as quick as 20 seconds.  The temperature range options varies between 350°F and 435°F depending on the moisture level of your herbal blend.  In just 20 seconds you could be enjoying a great session at the perfect temperature for your herbs.

Smart Vape

One of the most unique qualities of this vaporizer is the smart memory option. This setting remembers which temperature setting you used last. So if you found your temperature sweet spot in your last session but can’t remember what it was, no worries the Truva Mini+ Vape has got you covered. The device is also a full convection vaporizer that produces true vapor with absolutely no combustion, which means you’ll get great flavorful hits.

Stop your searching because the vape you need is right here. Everything you need in a vaporizer is just a mouse click away, so order your Truva Mini+ Vaporizer now!

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