Top Rated Vaporizers


The rapid progression of tech is bringing us the best of gadget development. At Portable Hookahs, we are interested in how this movement is effecting the vape community. Competition is on the rise, and with it comes great improvement. Manufacturers are adding clever changes and upgrades to their line of vapes. Updated periodically, you will find the best options for dry ground material, concentrates and oil. To break down the top rated vapes, we must explain that everyone has their own personal preference on a vaporizer whether it is a portable, pen style or a desktop unit. Details such as which heating method is used and even the material of the mouthpiece happens to be very important.

For Dry Herb Use:

The most popular vaporizers happen to be portable versions. The best quality vapes are ones that use a convection style conduction heating method with full temperature controls as well as a glass or ceramic mouthpiece. The new AirVape X  has a ceramic mouthpiece which allows clean flavor to pass through without any contamination of heated up plastic or rubber. The Argo Vaporizer  is a bit more fancy using the same heating system but having a glass mouthpiece. Rarely, we see a vape with top of the line parts come at a reasonable price. This is where the Tera V3 vaporizer  comes in. It comes with an optional glass mouthpeice, a full convection heating chamber and powerful batteries. 

Best Lowest Priced Options:

There are only a few great vaporizers with termperature controls under $100. Let's start with the APX Vaporizer  which has 5 temperature settings (356F, 374F, 392F, 410F, and 428F). It is only $69.00 with free shipping therefore it is most defenitely the bang for the buck. The CFC 2.0 Vaporizer  has an LED screen with full temperature controls with an added bonus for only $89.00 The bonus being a water pipe adapter that is pretty awesome to use when your not on the go.

Vaporizers for Concentrates:

The amount of vape pens on the market for concentrates is overwhelming. We at Portable Hookahs focus on specific aspects and have some favorites we'd like to share. The house favorite is the Aurora Vaporizer which is a pen style device that utilizes magnets to snap heating chambers on and off. This will ensure there are no leaks nor will their be any issue with stripped threading. For coil types, everyone has their own preference. The Aurora comes with three attachments offering you the opportunity to figure out which style you like most. With this vape, you will receive a dual quartz rod coil, a dual ceramic rod coil and a ceramic halo coil. Our second favorite is the PuffCo Plus Vaporizer which is the only vape to create an innovative solution to coil clogging. The heating chamber on this device is like no other. It uses a ceramic dart to compress material around the heated ceramic wall. Both of these vapes come with temperature presets allowing you to increase and decrease your heat.

For CBD or THC Oil & eLiquid/eJuice:

When using oil vaporizers such as these, it is best to find out the perfect power (watt/ohm/voltage) for your material to vaporize. The simplest way to go about this is the Rubi Vaporizer which is only $49.00 This vape has performed great with CBD oil, thin THC oil and perfectly with eLiquids AKA eCig juice. If you are looking for something fancy, the V2 Pro Series 3X has a cool magentic charging feature and offers 3 interchange-able atomizers in 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm. This way you can test what goes best with your material. With oils, many variables can ruin your vaping experience therefore we highly suggest to do your research as to what exactly vaporizes the material you have perfectly.

Are all-in-one vaporizers actual hybrid vapes?

Here is where it gets tricky. Many customers are interested when they see an all-in-one vaporizer thinking that this is the solution to buying separate vaping devices. We will shed some light on this and try to stop you from potentially having buyer's remorse. Many all-in-one vapes use either a coil or an oven. If you see one using coils, one thing is for certain. Your dry herbal material will combust which in return will produce smoke instead of vapor. Solid concentrates such as wax, crumble, shatter and thick oil should however vaporize perfectly. This is because concentrates require a much higher temperature to vaporize while dry herbs do not. The only way this type of all-in-one unit may be good for you is if you occasionally want to discreetly smoke dry herbs while mainly using the vape for concentrates. Now you may also see all-in-one vapes using an oven with no coil. This means that it will work well with dry herbal blends, however if you use concentrates with this, you may find it to just turn into a soup like material and sometimes even leak out of the oven.

At Portable Hookahs, we carry two hybrid vaporizers that we can say have worked perfectly with both dry herbs and concentrates. The Firefly 2 offers a temp setting switch for solid concentrates at 500°F and five preset temperatures for dry material. This is an incredible vape therefore it deserves its MSRP of $329. Often to be the best, you may find it to cost the most. For a cheaper all-in-one alternative, the Flowermate V5 Pro allows a setting of 446°F for concentrates while having full temperature controls starting from 104°F on its LED screen for dry material.

We will be constantly updating our research so please check back to see if any changes are reported! #VAPELIFE