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The Trident by Hitoki


The Trident by Hitoki

Kit Includes:
(1) Trident
(1) USB-C charging cable
(1) High output adaptor
(1) Loading chamber
(1) Silicone hookah hose
(1) Hose connecter
(1) Metal compressor

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The Hitoki Trident is a smoking device that utilizes the power of a laser combustion system. We at Portable Hookahs refer to it as the “Laser Hookah for Cannabis” The laser technology allows users to receive high-quality smoke on a level that other devices cannot produce. Seeing as it is the signature product from Hitoki, users will definitely be satisfied with the Trident.


The Trident has a large cylindrical design that allows it to stand up perfectly on its own. It has many features that customers expect in a premium device like this, including water filtration, multiple power settings, fast charging, and safety interlocks. The Trident sports a very sleek and tasteful design that is eye-catching while also staying minimalistic. One of the most interesting aspects of the Trident is the laser shield, which actually allows users to see the laser that acts as the devices heat source. This may not sound like an important feature, but it makes the Trident much more interesting to look at and adds a lot to the overall feel of the device.

The Trident is designed for at home use, and the sleek design ensures that it won’t look out of place on any shelf or desk. This design means that the Trident is not very portable, although it can certainly be packed up to take to a friend’s house. However, users will not want to take the Trident around with them to use throughout their day.

The device can be charged through the USB-C port located on its surface. While USB-C is becoming the standard for many of these devices, it is still always a plus when a machine like the Trident features it. USB-C charging allows the Trident to fully charge up in just one hour and 45 minutes, meaning you won’t have to sit around and wait for the device when you want to use it. A full charge on the Trident can last a very long time, as users will be able to have around 280 uses on one charge.

Using the Trident

While the Trident is a very high-quality machine, using it is not too difficult of a task. Users will first want to make sure that the device is fully charged. As previously mentioned, this will not take very long. It is also essential to unlock the interlocking pieces of the Trident, as you will need to in order to prepare the device for use. After unlocking the pieces, users can attach the hose adaptor. Once the adaptor is securely attached, you can then twist open the water reservoir. Once you do this, add a small amount of water to the reservoir, making sure that the water does not rise above the line on the stem near the bottom of the chamber. After reattaching the water reservoir, you can remove the loading chamber from the rest of the device. The loading chamber is very small, so users will want to grind their product as fine as possible. Doing so will also help to ensure that the device achieves an even ignition.

After adding in the product and reattaching the loading chamber, users may want to use a tool to even out the product inside the chamber, but make sure it is not tightly packed. Then reattach the top section of the Trident to the base of the device by lining up the three prongs on both halves and twisting them into place. The device will make an audible click sound when the interlocks have been activated. This step is important, as the laser will not activate if the interlocks have not been activated first. Since the hose adaptor has already been attached to the Trident, users can now attach the hose to the adaptor.

The device is now ready to be used. To turn it on, click the power button five times in a row. This action can also be used to turn the device off. After turning the device on, users can press the same power button three times to choose between the three power settings. Once they choose their desired power level, users can either hold down the power button or tap it twice. Holding the button down will activate the laser beam, while tapping it twice will create a continuous beam that lasts for nine seconds.You are then free to pull!

Heating Technology

Hitkoi describes the heating system of the Trident as being “similar to a magnifying glass under the sun.” While many people may be unfamiliar with devices that use laser heating, the technology comes with many benefits. The combination of laser combustion heating with water filtration lets the device produce a very potent flavor. It is also very aesthetically pleasing, as previously mentioned.

One major benefit of laser heating is that it can be far healthier for users compared to other devices that use butane lighters. Those using the Trident won’t have to worry about the gas emitted by butane lighters, as it has been replaced by the superior heating of the laser system.

As mentioned before, users can use the power button to cycle between the three different temperature settings of the Trident. The button will glow a certain color depending on which setting has been selected, so users will always know which temperature is currently being used.


The Hitoki Trident is a premier product that provides users with a top-notch experience that few devices, if any, can replicate. This quality is reflected in the Trident’s price, which sits at $499.99 While this may seem extremely high for some, devices of this quality often run at prices around this. Those who purchase the device however can be confident that their money has been spent well. With an innovative laser heating system, a sleek design, and easy to use controls, the Hitoki Trident is the perfect product from anyone looking for a premier smoking experience. If you have the funds to purchase it, definitely give it a look.

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