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Status Vaporizer


Status Vaporizer

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Kit Includes:
(1) Status
(1) Micro USB Charger
(1) Cleaning Tool
(1) Packing Tool
(3) Silicone Mouthpieces
(1) User Manual
*Free Aluminum Grinder

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The Kind Pen Status

The Kind Pen Status is the newest and most innovative vaporizer not only on the market but also in the collection of The Kind Pen's brand. The device comes with a LIFETIME warranty. Yes, this is the last dry herb vaporizer you will need to purchase since you will always be able to replace it in case something happens. No other company offers this type of perk. The Status comes with a micro USB charger therefore if you are an android user, you can just throw one in the car as an extra charger since you can use any micro USB charger with this device. It also comes with a dabber/packing tool, cleaning brush and 3 small silicone mouthpieces in case you are vaping with friends. The device comes with a LED backlit display for the temperature regulator that ranges from 350 to 430 degrees with just a touch of the button. Aside from the incredible value here, for a limited time, The Kind Pen Status comes with a free 3-chamber aluminum grinder gift! Please watch the easy to use instructional video above. Thank and enjoy!

Lifetime Warranty

The Kind Pen Status is one of the newest and most innovative vape pens to ever hit the market. With a lifetime warranty, this vape pen could be the last dry herb vaporizer you ever buy! If something breaks, you can quickly have it replaced and have your pen working good as new.

Easy to Use

To turn the pen on, all you have to do is press the power button five times and the LED screen lights up.  The bright and easy to read screen makes it simple to set the temperature (which ranges from 350 to 428 degrees) for your vape session and take the perfect hits.

Flavorful Hits

One of the most important aspects of a vape pen is knowing what kind of hit you’re going to get. The Status can hold just over half a gram in the chamber which means that you can take some decent hits off of this pen.  So whether you want to chill in a group or you just want a small session by yourself, this pen will give you some good hits.

Discreet and Portable

When you’re on the go you want a vape pen that can keep up and go where you need it to.  Pocket-friendly with a handy design, the Status is easy to take with you wherever life takes you. The portable micro-USB charger also makes it easy for android users to plug the pen into their car for a little extra juice before they get to where they are going. Check out our Status Vaporizer Review for more information.

Easy to use, great hits, portable, and a lifetime warranty, what’s stopping you? Order the last vape pen you’ll ever buy today!

Instructions made in house by Portable Hookahs for best performance:

Please start by grinding up your dry herbal blend. Now, sprinkle it into the heating chamber until full but do not over pack and most importantly do NOT use any tools to push against the herbs at the top. The device heats using the conduction heating method therefore airflow must be perfect from the bottom to the top of the chamber. Click the power button 5 times very rapidly until the LED screen turns on. Now press the + button up until you reach 400 degrees or higher. You will see the digits on the left above the "HEAT" text start rising. Once it shows "WARM" and 400 degrees or whichever temp you set. Start taking slow but long draws. You should be able to exhale vapor. Please keep in mind that vapor will not be as visible as smoke. These are the best instructions to use your device efficiently.

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