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The Don by Kind Pen


The Don by Kind Pen

Special Price $199.95 Regular Price $229.99
Precise temp control for the best experience
Built-in water filtration system for cool hits
Easy to take apart and clean [fully detachable]
Curved glass mouthpiece
Compatible with concentrates and oils
3000mAh battery for extended use without charging
Coilless ‘No-Burn’ atomizer for pure flavor
LED light patterns and haptic feedback for ease of use
Full quartz chamber [replacable]
Cutting-edge-tech carb cab with a tether
Packing tool, silicon mouthpiece sleeve, cup removal tool & cleaning gear
USB charger – C
User manual
Lifetime warranty

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The Don from Kind Pen is a top-of-the-line concentrate vaporizer. This portable e-rig is a premier product that supplies users with an incredible vaping experience.


Kind Pen states that The Don is built to perform on the same level as desktop e-rigs, just in a smaller package. This is a large claim to make, but Kind Pen backs it up here. The two-columned design of The Don helps it to stand out amidst the crowd of numerous vaporizers on the market. The taller of the two columns holds the battery of the device, along with the small LED panel. Under this LED display is where users can find the controlling buttons of the device.The smaller column is home to the atomizer, silicone carb cap, and the vents of the device. The Don has a high-quality glass mouthpiece that allows users to take pure and flavorful hits. This mouthpiece is also able to swivel in and out of the device, allowing users to make The Don more portable if they are taking it with them on the go.

Turning on The Don is very easy, as it only requires five clicks in quick succession. After you’ve turned it on, just select your desired temperature and you’ll be good to go.

The device is powered by a 3000 mAh battery that will likely be able to last most users a few days or so, provided it has a full charge. The Don can be fully charged in a few hours through USB-C charging. USB-C is only getting more and more popular, so this is an excellent implementation from Kind Pen.


Cleaning can be very difficult with some vaporizers, especially when it comes to devices made for concentrates. Every part of The Don is detachable, so users can easily remove each part that they need to clean. However, some pieces of The Don may be more difficult to remove than others, which is why the device comes packaged with tools to make the process easier. For example, the quartz cup can be very hard to remove from the atomizer. To make this removal easier, users can use the cup removal tool. With these tools, The Don becomes a very easy device to clean.

Heating and Portability

The Don has a temperature range of 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The device has precise temperature control, so users can choose any temperature they want from in this range. Due to the coil-less design of The Don, heat up times may be a bit slower than what some people may be expecting. This heating process sees the coil heat up first, which then leads to the bowl heating up. While this process may take longer compared to other vaporizers, it ensures that your product will not overheat or accidentally be burned.

The device is very small, standing only 6 inches tall and just 4 inches in width. It is easily able to fit into a bag, and possibly even a pocket. This size makes The Don perfect to carry around and use in one hand, no matter where you may be.

What we have concluded after analyzing this new vaporizer

If you prefer concentrate vaporizers over dry herb devices, The Don from Kind Pen is likely to be a perfect product for you. The Don is sold for $229.99 from Kind Pen while being discounted with us as an authorized seller. This may seem like a rather steep price, but The Don justifies it with all of its features and efficient design choices.This is an extraordinary product that provides consumers with an excellent, high-quality vaping experience, not to mention a lifetime warranty!

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