Tera Vaporizer Review (Version 3)


After experiencing some backlash on their Tera Vaporizer model for the use of teflon, Boundless revised the design and production and released the Tera V3 which contains no teflon. The Tera V3 is a fully convection heated portable vaporizer that, although started out with some issues is an impressive vape to say the least.

Portable not pocket size

The Tera V3, though portable is definitely not pocket sized. It does easily fit in a bag, purse or briefcase though for on the go use. It might also fit into pant pockets but with a weight of nearly ten ounces it’s probably not the best option.

Vapor quality

The Tera V3 vape delivers tasty and thick vapor clouds due to the convection heating system and open airflow of the device. Convection heating simply means that the chamber circulates hot air throughout the chamber during hits, heating the herbs to the perfect temperature with every pull. This also ensures that your herbs never burn and that it cools between hits, making sure you get the most out of your products.

Easy to use

The Tera was designed as a portable vape and every aspect of its design shows this. The rugged exterior is contoured to easily fit your palm and the texture ensures a good grip. The mouthpiece and battery door both attach magnetically making loading and replacing of the batteries quick and easy. The device features a top facing OLED screen which shows the temperature, battery level and mode of use whether its dry herb or extract mode. The Tera also features three buttons, two side buttons for temperature control and a front button that switches the device on and off.

Digital temperature control

With temperatures ranging from 140 degrees to 428 degrees, the Tera has full digital temperature control when it comes to dry herb mode. The concentrate mode has a preset temperature of 500 degrees. The device will reach the desired temperature within 20 to 30 seconds, making it an impressive heating time for a convection heating system.

Water pipe adaptor

Boundless is known for using their vapes with water filtration systems, and true to their style the Tera V3 comes with a water pipe adaptor. The adaptor fits 10, 14 to 18 mm male or female connections, making the Tera compatible with any of your favorite glass pieces.

Removable batteries

Probably the best part of the Tera is the fact that the batteries are removable and thus replaceable. The device comes with two 18650 batteries which at full charge can last up to an hour if used continuously and can deliver around ten sessions. For longer trips or outings, carrying spare batteries can double use time on the Tera since swapping the batteries is quick and easy. The batteries are also rechargeable via USB as well as wall chargers and can be recharged to full capacity in about three hours.