Switch Vaporizer Review


One of the latest and greatest products to hit the market is definitely the Dr Dabber Switch. The versatility of the Herb and Oil mode as well as the temperature range and heat settings makes this an exceptional vape. To top it off, this device has an incredibly powerful battery that packs a punch and delivers longer and better vaping sessions. This may be the coolest vaporizer on the market that uses new technology as well as being compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates!

Stylish design

The Dr Dabber Switch has a quality tactile satin finish and a modern hourglass shape that makes the device attractive and somewhat less bulky than other table top models. The simple and intuitive interface also makes it very easy to use the vape and switch between the different modes and heating profiles. The device has a switch to toggle between oil and herb, two temperature control buttons and a power button. Color changing LED lights display mode and heat setting for easy use.


Not only does the Switch offer an easy to use Herb and Oil setting, it also offers a setting for crystals and has 25 heating profiles to choose from. Whether your material of choice is wax, herbs or other concentrates this vape has a setting that can deliver the optimal flavor or clouds, depending on your own preference. The Switch comes with two ceramic induction cups for optimal enjoyment. The white cup is for lower temperatures and the black cup is used for higher temperatures, ensuring the best flavor at any temperature setting.

Powerful battery

Despite the Switch’s moderate size, the device is powered by an extremely powerful battery that optimizes the vaping experience. Delivering longer lasting and more powerful sessions than an average vape, a full charge can deliver upwards of 150 sessions in a single charge. To boot, it only takes about an hour for this battery to fully charge. Even while on charge the device offers pass-through technology to ensure continuous use and enjoyment.

Fast heating time

With temperature settings ranging from 300 degrees to 800 degrees, the Switch offers incredibly fast heating times with it’s groundbreaking induction heating system. For lower temperatures the wait time is around 3 seconds and at higher temperatures it’s a mere 12 seconds, making the Switch faster than most other vapes. For longer sessions you can also set your own hold times to get the most out of any material. Never worry about the device overheating either as the Switch features an automatic cool down cycle and to make it even more effective, it offers a self cleaning mode as well.

For more information on the specifics of this product and/or to make a purchase, visit the Switch Vaporizer page!