Storm 3.0 Starter Kit (Smartomizer Edition)

Storm 3.0 Starter Kit (Smartomizer Edition)

Storm 3.0 Starter Kit (Smartomizer Edition)

Starter Kit Includes: -2 Batteries -2 Smartomizers w/Tanktronics Technology. -1 USB Charger -1 USB Wall Adapter -1 10ml Bottle of Eliquid in a Flavor of Your Choice. -1 Empty Bottle w/ Thin Needle Tip (For Easy Refilling) -4 Replacement Coils (Two 2.2 ohm, Two 2.5ohm)
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It seems as though there isn’t a day that passes where a new electronic cigarette appears on the market. As you might expect, many of them disappear as quickly as they arrived, but there are some that are so good that they really need to be tried if you are thinking of making switch to e-cigs. One such product that is still relatively new is the Vapor King Storm. This is a vaporizer kit that needs to be checked out for a number of different reasons, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

The Vapor King Storm kit has all that you need to get started, including a pair of batteries and atomizers, essentially doubling what other companies give you to start out with. Also included is a great looking travel pouch to carry your vape pen in, a pack of 5 tank cartridges, and a charger that can be used in a wall outlet or in any device with a USB outlet. What that means is that you can easily charge up your batteries while you are on the go.

The aforementioned tank cartridges is where you will find the liquid that is turned to vapor when you “light up.” The great thing about the cartridges that come with the Vapor King Storm is that they are clear. This allows you to easily see how much liquid is left in the tank at any given time. You will never be in a situation where you run out of liquid, as you can easily check and see if the tank you are using is close to being done. That minor little detail will save you from a ton of frustration come vaping time.

The tanks are incredibly easy to change out, as they only need to be filled and inserted into the atomizer. Once that is done, attach the complete piece to your battery and you are ready to go. This truly is one of the easiest vaporizer pens to use right out of the box. You will notice that the Vapor King Storm is larger than the average e-cig, and while that may seem like an issue for some, it won’t be when you realize that the additional size is added so that a highly efficient, more powerful, longer lasting battery can be used. You can even take advantage of a power saving function that will help prevent unwanted battery usage. A great little feature that will extend the charge time of your battery.

This is the starter kit you need if you want to start vaping right away. The latest edition of the Storm features an upgraded atomizer technology for more efficient vaping. The Smartomizer comes with bottom coil tank technology, ensuring that the coils are always covered in eLiquid and thus less likely to burn out quickly. You will always get the taste of the liquid you love and NOT the burnt flavor that often comes with top coil units.

If your looking for top of the line, you've found it. The Storm 3.0 starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. The Smartomizer clearomizer cartridges that hold the nicotine are a major upgrade from the atomizer/atomizer body/atomizer head technology that our 2.0 edition featured. The Smartomizers are equipped with Tanktronics bottom coil tank technology. Most competing clearomizer products have the coils on the top, however, keeping them at the bottom ensures that the coils are always submerged in eliquid, which makes for a nice full flavored puff. Competing models with upper coils can run low on eliquid and start tasting dry due to the coils not being fully submerged.

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