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Spider Hookah


Spider Hookah

Special Price $144.95 Regular Price $199.95
Features: Adjustable Height -Minimum 18.5" -Maximum 32" Twist On Vase 3 Hose Capacity (Comes with 1) Lycan Bowl (No Foil Required) Medical Grade Silicone Hose Carry Box With Handle -10"X10"X7"
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The Spider Hookah is by no exaggeration the PERFECT water pipe on the market. You might ask why? This hookah is both full sized and super portable depending on your personal preference. You can fully adjust it to be as small as 18 inches or you can build it up as tall as 32 inches. The stem is made of SEVEN pieces that can be taken apart. Each leg is made up of SIX pieces that can also be taken apart. This is the only shisha on the on the market that can do this.


The Spider Hookah is considered to be a European style nargila. The stem is extra wide giving more opportunity for the smoke to pass through. The tobacco bowl is designed with functionality in mind. The metal tray on top separates the coal from being too close to the tobacco. This stops the tobacco from burning and in return allows for a comfortable extended session. The coal tray is extra large therefore there is extra space for additional coal to be placed or accidentally dropped.


As you can see in the photos, this hookah is absolutely stunning. The product images don't do it justice. There is a THREE hose capacity for the Spider. Each connection does not require any closing regardless of how many hoses are in use. This is because each connection has a stop valve (can be modified). There can be no airflow unless you inhale with a connected hose. The vase is made of heavy duty glass and is as most European hookahs, a twist on attachment.


When home, there is no doubt everyone would like to see their hookah fully built at 32". But, if you are traveling, you often wouldn't transport a 32" hookah. This is why you can make it as short as 18" while having the option to build it taller should you wish to do so. Because of how this hookah comes apart, you are able to place it in its original 10" tall portable box with handle. It isn't common to see a full sized hookah pipe placed inside a 10 inch tall box.

The bang for the buck

The Spider Hookah is both small and large with the capability of producing larger clouds than the average hookah. It also does not need to be hidden when not in use. The majority place this hookah on a bar, dinner table or countertop as a piece of art. At $144.95 This is as good as it gets. #Hookahlife

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