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Series 7 Vaporizer


Series 7 Vaporizer

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PRE-ORDER ONLY Kit Includes: (1) Vape Body (1) Dry Cartridge (1) Oil Cartridge (1) USB Charger (1) Wall Adapter (1) Pick/Dab Tool (1) Cleaning Brush Wax Cartridge Sold Separately

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If you’re looking for a vaporizer that uses smart technology to automatically heat your product to the perfect temperature, but also want something that lets you try out different types of product all in the same vape, then you’re in the right place. Introducing the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer. It’s intelligent, handy, easy to use, and did we mention you can use it while it’s charging? This vape has everything and then some.

The Ultimate 3-In-1 Vaporizer

With the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer, you’re getting a device that works for loose leaf, e-liquid, and wax. That’s three different types of product that you can use in one vaporizer, and that’s not even the best part. This intelligent vaporizer utilizes smart technology, so the device automatically adjusts to whatever material you put in it. Not many vaporizers on the market have that kind of capability. You are able to read our Series 7 Vaporizer Review for a further in depth look on the functionality.

Magnetic Pieces

Another handy feature about the Series 7 is the fact that it has both magnetic cartridges and a magnetic charger. You might not originally think that’s a big deal, but the magnetic cartridges help you easily take apart your device and put it back together. Sometimes fiddling with screw on pieces can be troublesome, especially when you’re in a hurry or in low light. Having the ability to just snap it into place and go is surprisingly handy!

Super Simple

As with any vaporizer, most people are looking for something that’s simple and easy to use. While having lots of fancy gadgets and features is fun, sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating when you just want to have a nice session. The Series 7 vape is very easy to use and takes no time at all to figure out. That means you can quickly and efficiently get to what the vape was made for: vaping!

Special Features and Design

The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer has a lot of features to brag about. Not only does it have more battery life than its previous designs, but it also has adjustable heating temperatures, larger storage capacity, and pass through operation technology that allows you to use the vape while it’s charging.

While the design of this vape is a little bulkier than some of the vaporizers on the market, the Series 7 still is small and fits nicely in your hand due to its ergonomic design. It’s durable and compact enough that you can take it with you on the go if you needed to, but also works perfectly if you want to just chill at home with a high end vape.

Smart technology, 3-in-1 capabilities, easy to use, fast heat up time, extra battery life, more storage, and a magnetic and handy design. And we’re just scratching the surface of everything that this vape is capable of. With all these special features, you’re going to want to add the V2 Pro Series 7 vape to your collection. It’s a must-have!

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