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SEEGO Glassomizer VHit Reload W&D (Dry Herb & Wax)

SEEGO Glassomizer VHit Reload W&D (Dry Herb & Wax)

SEEGO Glassomizer VHit Reload W&D (Dry Herb & Wax)

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Package Contents: (1) VHit Reload Glassomizer (1) Dry Herb (D) Replacement Coil (1) Wax (W) Replacement Coil (1) VHit Brush Tool (1) VHit Dabber Tool * Intended for Dry Herb and Herbal Wax or Thick Oil
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SEEGO Glassomizer VHit Reload W&D

The Seego VHit Reload W&D – short for “wax and dry (herb)” – is the latest and most advanced dry herb and wax glassomizer for portable vaporizer pens. The VHit Reload W&D is the updated version of the popular Reload, which features an easy load and unload design with a pushable mouthpiece cashing system. This completely rebuildable glassomizer offers full access to the coil unit and all functional parts while producing intense vapor clouds and being very easy to use.

While it would appear that the majority of electronic cigarettes and hookahs are geared toward consumers who vape liquid, there is an ever-growing section of the market looking for a device that will allow them to use wax or dry herbs instead. As such, the number of devices in that category is on the rise, with the Seego VHit Reload among the best of them. This is a vaporizer than comes with a pair of coils, so that you can switch between wax and dry herbs whenever you feel like it.

The Seego VHit Reload is a little different in that it is an attachment for your standard vaporizer pen, which you can pretty much pick up very cheaply. As such, the VHit Reload kit does not come with a battery of any kind, but you should already have one if you already own a vape pen. What you do get in the kit is a Seego glass globe cover, a pair of coils (one for wax, one for dry herb), a brush tool and a dabber tool.

When you take the VHit Reload apart, you will see a chamber where you can load your material. It must be noted that if you are using the VHit Reload as a wax herbal vaporizer, you need to make sure that the coil you have in place is the one that is specifically designed for wax; the same rules apply for the dry herb vaporizer. Having the correct coil in place ensures that you will get the best vaping experience possible when going with your choice of wax or dry herb.

When the VHit Reload is pieced together, you will notice that the mouthpiece moves up and down. This is because it serves as the dabber to essentially compress the herb or wax in the container. There are some people that say you get a better vaping experience if you do not push it down too much, but it really comes down to your own personal tastes.

As far as wax and dry herb glassomizer go, the Seego VHit Reload is definitely among the best currently on the market. I is very affordable and is the perfect complement for a vaporizer pen that has the standard 510 threading. You can use this unit to vape wax, herbs and even as a thick oil vaporizer, if that is what you prefer.

With medical herb beginning to be accepted in more and more states across the country, the need for this type of attachment will continue to grow. It will become even more common if the legality outside of medical usage continues to spread. This VHit Reload W&D is a great way to enjoy your dry herb or wax, and at such a low price, you really can’t go wrong.
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