Roffu Vaporizer


Roffu Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) XLUX Roffu Vaporizer
(1) Quartz Chamber
(1) Stainless Steel Chamber
(1) Loading/Funnel/Stir Tool
(3) Screens
(2) O-Rings
(1) Metal Grinder
(4) Cleaning Wipes
(1) Carrying Pouch
(1) USB-C Charging Cable

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The XLUX Roffu is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer that delivers a precise experience while also being efficiently powered. This convection heated device is a worthy addition to any collection, and also has all the necessary features to become someone’s primary vaporizer.


The Roffu has a fairly straightforward and simple design that allows newcomers to become accustomed to it rather quickly. This vaporizer has no wasted space or unnecessary components, instead opting for a minimal look. The Roffu is constructed from anodized aluminum, ensuring that one unlucky drop won’t instantly render the device unusable. The vaporizer has a cylindrical/column shape, just like many other products on the market today. On the shell of the device is an LED screen, which is where users will control the Roffu. Just like many other vaporizers out there, this display is able to show users battery level, the current temperature of the device, along with the session timer and the current mode the device is on.

The Roffu is powered by a 2600mAh battery. Users should expect to have around 10 to 12 sessions on a full charge. If the device is completely out of battery, it should only take around 90 minutes to charge it back up to full power. This battery is also completely removable and replaceable as well. This is always a convenient feature, as now users have the ability to have spare and replacement batteries ready to go at all times.


Many vaporizers opt to either utilize convection or conduction heating, with some are even employing hybrid heating methods that combine both convection and conduction. The Roffu opts to heat its product through an exclusively convection-based heating system. Convection heating calls for air being heated first away from the herb. Once this air has been heated, it passes through the herb, indirectly heating it. This process is different from conduction heating, which instead heats herb by having it make direct contact with the heat source. Both methods have pros and cons. Conduction heating heats herb very quickly, but by making direct contact with the heat source it makes herb much more prone to burning. Convection heating may heat herb a little slower compared to conduction, but this method really allows for the full flavor of the herb to be drawn out with every hit. Users are likely to notice smoother and more flavorful hits when having a session with a convection vaporizer like the Roffu. An interesting fact about the heating method of the Roffu is that the device is a session vaporizer while also being an on-demand vaporizer as well. If used on-demand, the Roffu will allow users to take a single hit whenever and wherever they want to, instead of having to commit to a full session. Session mode lets users set a desired temperature, which the Roffu will then keep for the entirety of the session. Sessions with the Roffu can be three or six minutes, making this mode perfect for those looking to enjoy the device in the comfort of their home.

The heating chamber of the Roffu is exposed, which helps to make loading the device fairly easy. Users should have no trouble loading their herb, and the included loading funnel should only help to make the process easier. The device also comes with two interchangeable heating chambers. This is a big plus, as most devices just have one standard chamber to use at all times. One of the two chambers is quartz, while the other is stainless. The difference between the two is definitely noticeable, as quartz is great for light vapor, while the stainless heating chamber is better for those looking for thick vapor. The overall heating system of the Roffu is extremely impressive while maintaining the ease of use that is likely to attract newcomers to the device.


The Roffu is a perfect vaporizer for anyone who values portability and discretion. The small and unassuming design of the Roffu should allow most users to take it out and use it freely when in public. The entire device is less than four inches tall, allowing almost everyone to simply just carry it around in their hands if they do not have a bag or backpack with them. A vaporizer of this size will surely fit in most pockets as well. The ability to use the device in on-demand mode also makes it extremely easy to take a single hit from the Roffu while in public.

Our Thoughts

The XLUX Roffu is one of the best vaporizers on the market to recommend to beginners. This device has everything that an experienced user would want in a vaporizer, all while making the process extremely simple and user friendly. The Roffu is available now for $140 and is an excellent purchase for anyone in need of a new vaporizer.

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