Quickdraw 500 DLX Vaporizer Review


Talk to people who vape on a regular basis and you will find that they all tend to have a preference when it comes to materials. Some will prefer wax or oils, while others will prefer e-liquids or dry herbs. There are plenty of those people who would love to try other types of materials, but that generally means purchasing a different vaporizer for each specific one. That can get costly, and while there are some vaporizers on the market that allow you to vape different materials, none of them really seem quite up to the job. That may be about to change with the QuickDraw Vaporizer, as the 500 Deluxe model claims that it can manage to deliver a quality vaping experience no matter what sort of materials are loaded inside. It’s a bold claim, and one that we are more than happy to test out. Let’s see if this vaporizer lives up to its word.

Getting to know the QuickDraw 500 Deluxe  

Portability – While certainly sleek in design, the Deluxe 500 is a little larger than many other portable vaporizers on the market. It’s not a huge inconvenience by any stretch of the imagination, and the ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to hold.

Ease of Use – This is a perfect vaporizer for a newbie, as it is easy to operate right out of the box. The lack of draw resistance is especially good, regardless of the materials being used with the device. This is sure to be appealing to vapers of all shapes and sizes.

Power Source – You get both a USB and a wall charger with this unit, and the battery that is comes with is excellent. You should be able to get in a few vaping sessions before you have to even think about recharging.

Prep Time – This is a smart herbal vaporizer, as it is easy to load, and quickly determines the perfect temperature setting for the material inside. It really doesn’t take much time to warm up once loaded.

Temperature Settings – As mentioned above, the QuickDraw automatically adjusts the temperature based on the materials. This may prove to be a bit of a negative for those who like total temperature control.

Vapor Quality – Quality ranges from good to excellent, regardless of which of the three chambers is loaded. That said, for best results, you should use up all the materials in a single sitting, as leaving them in the chamber and going back later can result in poorer taste quality.

Pricing – At $200, this device seems like a bit of a bargain, especially when you consider that you are getting three vaporizers in one.

Guarantee – The 1-year warranty is perhaps a little disappointing for a vaporizer in this price range, but still better than nothing at all.

Pros and Cons


  • Works equally well with wax, oil, or dry herb
  • Pricing is excellent for a vaporizer that offers multi-functionality
  • Better than average vapor quality
  • Battery life is outstanding, and will stay charged for several sessions


  • Using the same materials over several sessions results in reduced taste quality
  • Not the best warranty in the business
  • A little larger than some portable vaporizers
  • No ability to adjust temperature settings