Quickdraw 300 Review


There are a number of different styles of vaporizers on the market, but it’s fair to say that vaporizer pens are the one style that tends to trump the rest in terms of sales. These devices are affordable, efficient, and extremely portable, which is basically what the average vaper is looking for when they invest in a new device. The popularity of the pen style vaporizers means that there are plenty to choose from, and that can present something of a problem. QuickDraw have developed a solid reputation for themselves over the years, and arguably their most popular model is the 300 series, which features the 300-D and the 300-DLX. There is a little bit of a difference between the two, but both are great choices. Let’s take a closer look.

Getting to know the QuickDraw 300

Portability – Sleek and slim, the QiickDraw 300 is everything you want in a portable vaporizer. It’s lightweight, and can easily slip into any pocket or purse, giving you total discretion.

Ease of Use – There is only a single button to deal with, making it easy to power up and switch between the three modes. The one drawback here is the difficulty in loading the chamber, which we will get into a little more in the prep time section.

Power Source – It’s a pretty standard 650 mAh battery that powers this unit, as that is what you usually find on vape pens. Charge time is between 1 and 2 hours, which gets you about 6-8 hours of use.

Prep Time – Powering the device on and getting it up to your chosen temperature is fast, but the aforementioned small chamber means that you are going to be wasting a lot of time trying to get your dry herbs or concentrates in there.

Temperature Settings – There is a single temperature setting, but the device does a nice job of detecting the materials you ae using and hitting the perfect temperature for each. The unit can get a little warm in your hands at times, though.

Vapor Quality – Because the QuickDraw does such a great job of choosing the perfect temperature, you end up with quality vapor each and every time. You can also expect to get some pretty nice vapor clouds with this device, which is a must for many vapers.

Pricing – You can expect to pay about $100 for the 300-D, which is an herbal vaporizer, and about $140 for the 300-DLX, which comes with separate cartridges for wax, dry herb, and liquid. Both are good value.

Guarantee – You get a 1-year guarantee with both models, which is standard for vape pens.

Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money
  • Highly portable
  • Delivers great vapor quality with all materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Great for those who like large vapor clouds


  • This device can get a little hot in the hand with extended use
  • The chamber is small and can be a little tricky to load