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Qomo Micro E-Rig by XMAX


Qomo Micro E-Rig by XMAX

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The XMAX Qomo is one of the best micro e-rigs currently on the market. Designed to work with both concentrates and waxes, the Qomo is a great pick for anyone that happens to be looking for a quality new e-rig. If you value being able to take a device with you on the go, the Qomo is perfect for you.


This device has a straightforward and quality design, coming in five pieces out of the box. It is very easy to assemble, so users should have it ready to go very quickly. The device only stands about 5 inches tall, so it should be able to fit almost anywhere. This small frame allows the e-rig to easily rest in someone’s hand, making it incredibly easy to carry around. The Qomo’s design also makes it very easy to use. The bubbler of the rig can be fully removed from its body, allowing users to easily fill it with water. A splash guard is also included with the device to ensure that users have a safe experience. The size of the Qomo does not impact its overall quality, as users will still find their hits to be milky and perfect as expected.

The Qomo is powered by a 1350mAh battery. This battery can be charged through USB-C, which is always a plus. Many devices are making the switch from USB to USB-C, but it is still nice when a device utilizes this faster and more efficient charging method. The battery can be fully charged in around two hours and users should get about two days of use out of a full charge, unless they decide to use the device more than a moderate amount.


The XMAX Qomo is equipped with three different temperature settings that customers can choose from. When a temperature is selected, a corresponding color will light up on the device’s LED panel. White corresponds to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, green corresponds to 608 degrees Fahrenheit and red corresponds to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. These LED lights can make it extremely easy for users to always know which temperature has been selected. Some users may prefer to have a full range of control over the temperature, but the Qomo provides a solid set of options.

The Qomo has a heat up time of only 10 seconds, so users will not have to sit around and wait for the device to start up. They can simply pull it out whenever they need to and have a session. A fast heat up time is almost required on devices that are advertised as being portable, so this is an excellent feature.


The Qomo is one of the more portable e-rigs available. This device is very small and should be no problem to carry around. It is often referred to as the “puffco peak junior” due to its design an incredible production of vapor. Puffco is currently the most popular brand for vaping concentrates therefore the Qomo being extremely similar costing four times less defenitely makes it the bang for the buck. One aspect that could potentially hamper the portability of the device is its bubbler. This bubbler is not spill-proof, so it will have to be emptied of water every time the device is stowed away in a bag. This is not that big of an inconvenience and is standard with portable e-rigs. Overall, this device should be extremely easy to take with you on any type of trip.

What we at Portable Hookahs think of the Qomo

The XMAX Qomo is a spectacular product for fans of portable e-rigs. This device is designed to be taken with you wherever you go, and its size and ease of use make that a possibility. The Qomo is also available for a relatively cheap price, so people won’t have to worry about any potential high price tag. Whether you want the Qomo to be your go to e-rig or simply the vape to take with you on trips, the Qomo is a great investment.

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