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Pulsar Hand-E Nail eRig V3


Pulsar Hand-E Nail eRig V3

(1) Vaporizer Body/Battery (18650 2500mAh)
(1) Magnetic Carb Cap
(1) Removable Dab Tool
(1) Glass Bubbler
(1) Glass Mouthpiece
(1) Silicone Oil Slick Container
(1) Storage Box / Carry Case
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) User Manual

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If you are looking for a high quality vaporizer to use with wax or other concentrates, the Pulsar Hand-E Nail eRig V3 may be the product for you. This vaporizer has some neat features that definitely sets it apart from many of its competitors.

The Pulsar brand gives the following description for the V3: “The Hand-E Nail V3 eRig is a powerful, portable, handheld wax & oil ripper that heats from 650°F (343°C) to 1,000°F (537°C) with one-button ease. The eRig comes with an improved ceramic nail as well as titanium & quartz nails. Multiple color options available.”

The description goes on to describe the device in greater detail, saying that “features include an 18650 / 2500mAh Li-ion battery, magnetic carb cap w/ removable dab tool, improved glass bubbler attachment, glass mouthpiece, 3-click on/off locking system, silicone oil slick container. Hard case storage box, USB charging cable, and manual included. Starting temp: ~ 650 degrees F; Max temp: 1000 degrees F. 1 year end user warranty.”


While the overall design of the V3 makes the device look extremely complicated, it is actually a fairly easy machine to use. The V3 has a magnetic disk in its base to ensure that it stays steady while on a flat surface. On the top of the device, users will remove a titanium dish to fill the atomizer with their wax or concentrate of choice. Following this, users will need to slide the bubbler over the dish before adding in a bit of water. The V3 turns on with three clicks of its central button, and the display light will turn blue when it is ready to go.

The device is sturdy, therefore users won’t have to worry about it breaking. The area of the machine around the atomizer is made of ceramic, ensuring that it will not become too hot. Ceramic is also fairly easy to clean, so you won’t need to worry about the V3 becoming unnecessarily dirty as long as you take good care of it. The device also comes with a well-designed carrying case, but we’ll talk about that more soon. Overall, the V3 is a well-crafted, high quality vaporizer that should be on everyone’s radar due to its ease of use.


One of the most important aspects of any vaporizer is how it handles temperature. From temperature flexibility to range of temperatures offered, there are many different factors that one must consider when looking at the heating of a device. The V3 supports temperatures ranging from 650 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. With a large gap between the highest and lowest temperature, most users should be satisfied with the heating capabilities of the V3.


Another important thing to consider when buying a vaporizer is portability. People value portability in a vaporizer very highly, as the ability to take your device anywhere is extremely convenient. Thankfully Pulsar knows this, as the V3 is very portable and easy to take around. The device is battery powered, so you won’t have to worry about it not having energy as long as you charge it up before you head anywhere. The V3 comes inside its own carrying case, so you also don’t have to find a way to keep it secure in a bag or purse. The V3 is easy to take around, but due to its unique rig design it might prove difficult to actually use in public. It is also too big to fit in a shirt or pant pocket, so you will have to carry it around in its carrying case or a separate bag. While the Hand-E Nail eRig V3 may not be as portable as they say, it makes up for this by delivering a rig-like experience that most would still consider to be portable.

As Previously mentioned, the V3 is battery powered. Specifically, the device utilizes a 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery to power itself. Compared to other vaporizers, this battery is quite powerful and should allow for multiple sessions throughout a day. The V3 comes packed with a USB charging cord that plugs into the device, so you can easily keep it charged as long as you are close to an outlet. Fully charging the battery from zero takes about an hour and a half, so it can easily be done overnight or as you get ready in the morning.


The Pulsar Hand-E Nail eRig V3 is available for around $155. For this price point, users will receive a quality product that can deliver the rig experience in a small package. Available in three colors, anyone who is on the fence about purchasing this vaporizer should definitely give it a good look. It is worth the investment and is sure to please.

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