Puffco Vaporizer Review


It’s a good time to be a lover of marijuana, as the laws of the land are starting to become a little more relaxed, especially when talking about the medicinal uses for the herb. More and more states are making medical marijuana legal, and the patients who need it are now looking for the most effective way to get the health benefits that they need from marijuana. For many, that means going with wax concentrates as opposed to dry herbs, and that means looking for a specific type of vaporizer in order to get the most effective, and potent, delivery system. Dab vaporizers are not yet legal in every state, but they should certainly be the device of choice in the states where they can be legally used. There are a number of different devices to choose from in this category, but one that is starting to get some rave reviews is the Puffco Vaporizer. Read on to see if we agree with the high marks it has been receiving.

Getting to know the Puffco Pro

Portability – They don’t come much more portable or discreet than this one, as it is made to be about the size of a standard e-cigarette, which means it will easily slip into any pocket or purse.

Ease of Use – Don’t let the single operating button fool you, this wax pen is not as easy to use as it may appear. The biggest problem is that the wax can quickly become clogged, and may have to be mixed up again in the middle of a session.

Power Source – The amount of time that you get with a full charge is right in line with other vaporizers of this type, but the 3-hour charging time is a little longer than most.

Prep Time – The capacity of the wax chamber is excellent, and is perfect for those who like to engage in long sessions. The drawback here is that it’s not so easy to load for those using smaller amounts of concentrate.

Temperature Settings – The Puffco Pro has three distinct temperature settings, all of which do a great job of maintain the heat without fear of combustion.

Vapor Quality – Smooth and clean is the best way to describe the flavors delivered from the ceramic lined chamber. The clouds are also very pleasing, and are better than average for devices in this price range.

Pricing – The Puffco sells for around $90, which puts it on the higher end of the price scale for this market. If you can find it for less than that, it’s well worth picking up.

Guarantee – You get 90 days for all electronic parts, and 1-year replacement of the battery, mouthpiece, or USB charger should they fail. Again, about standard for this type of vape pen.

Pros and Cons


  • Great looking design
  • Extra-large wax chamber allows for longer vaping sessions
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Size and shape make this a very discreet portable vaporizer


  • Not suitable for smaller loads
  • Can become clogged very quickly
  • Long time to get to a full charge
  • Very limited warranty