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Puffco Proxy


Puffco Proxy

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(1) Proxy Glass Pipe
(1) Proxy Base
(1) 3D Chamber
(1) USB Charging Cable
(1) Carry Case
(1) Loading Tool
(1) Dual Tool

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The Proxy from Puffco is definitely one of the most eye-catching vaporizers currently on the market, as its sleek design is sure to catch some attention. This great look is backed up by an excellent product that has been crafted with the consumer in mind. Anyone would benefit from having this device in their collection. If you thought the Puffco Peak Pro was coolest vape Puffco has made, you were right up until now.


The Puffco Proxy has the design of an old-school pipe. While some may be turned off by this shape compared to the standard pen shape that most devices have, the Proxy definitely has a bit more flair than many other vaporizers currently on the market. This design decision has not been done for looks only however, as the Proxy is a very innovative product. The pipe shape of the Proxy comes from the glass portion of the device, which functions as the mouthpiece while also holding the base in place. The base of the device contains all of the mechanical pieces needed to make the Proxy function properly. The base just slides right into the glass, making the Proxy an extremely easy device to clean. Simply remove the base, and the glass will be freed up for a deep clean.

Using the Proxy is extremely easy and user-friendly. Users will want to load their product into the device before turning the heat on, as the Proxy is a cold start vaporizer. The Proxy comes packaged with its own dab tool that is perfect for loading your concentrates. Holding down the button on the front of the base will turn the Proxy on. Once it is turned on, simply single click this button to switch to your desired heat setting, as you will be alerted by a light on the Proxy that will display the current temperature. Once your product is carefully loaded into the chamber, click the central button two times to initiate the heating process. Once the process has started, the Proxy should reach the desired temperature in about 30 seconds. The light will flash and the device itself will vibrate when it is ready to be used.

This device takes around 90 minutes to fully charge, and is charged through USB-C charging, which is always a plus. Users should be able to get around 4-6 sessions of use with the Proxy per full charge.


The Proxy features the Puffco 3D Chamber, an innovative piece of technology that heats product for the device. This chamber consists of a ceramic bowl with heating tracers embedded inside it. When a user inhales, oil only vaporizes on the side walls of the chamber, instead of on the bottom. This helps to not damage the oil quality while also maximizing the flavor of every hit.

The device comes with four preset temperature controls that users can choose from. These controls are represented through for different colors that appear on the top of the base. Blue is the lowest setting, meant to provide the user with the most flavorful hits and the least amount of overall vapor production. Green is the medium setting; as it is perfect for a balanced experience. Red is the high setting, meant for high vapor amounts along with good flavor. White is the peak setting, designed for users looking for bigger dabs.


The ability to easily remove the base from the glass helps to make the Proxy a fairly portable device. Users can easily break it down to store in a bag when they go out. One aspect they might hold back the potential portability of the Proxy is its lack of discreteness. This is a device that is sure to stand out and draw attention to itself in public. For some this may not be an issue, but for others it may be something to consider.

What we at Portable Hookahs have concluded

One of the most stylish vaporizers on the market today and once again by Puffco, the Proxy is available for $299.99 This may seem like a steep price to some, but customers can be assured that they are getting an amazing product with the Puffco Proxy. If you want a top of the line vaporizer that has a distinct look while remaining user friendly, give the Proxy a look.

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