Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer Review


Ask a bunch of people what makes a good vape pen, and the answers will vary. Some people think that portability is the most important feature, while others might be more concerned about what kinds of hits they can get. Whatever your stance on the issue, there’s a good chance that the Puffco Pro 2 meets your standards.  This pen has something for everyone!

The Puffco Pro 2 comes in a high-end case that includes a battery, charger, mouthpiece, atomizer, and a loading tool.  The atomizer has a small, single coil ceramic chamber that heats up and melts wax instantly with the click of a button.  With the coil design and the small chamber, you can fill the chamber all the way up and not have to worry about dead spots.

On the outside, the pen has several standout features.  Smaller than the Puffco Plus, the Puffco Pro 2 is more portable and pocket-friendly. For the vapers out there who prefer to be discreet, this pen is very easy to grab and take with you wherever you go.  In addition, the Puffco Pro 2 is also very durable, so it’ll stand up to heavy use.  The stainless-steel finish makes it difficult for the pen to get significant scratches or scuffs. Lastly, the vape pen also has an insane battery life. So no matter where you go or how long you’re gone, this pen is up for the challenge!

When carrying a vape pen in your pocket or bag, you might worry that lint, dust, or other particles could get into your vape pen by accident.  That’s why the Puffco Pro 2 includes a splash guard in the mouthpiece, to help prevent particles from getting in the atomizer. The splash guard also keeps oil from getting into your mouth.

Like the Puffco Plus, the Puffco Pro 2 wax pen includes three temperatures and a sesh mode feature. The pen takes five clicks to turn on, and four clicks to change the temperature.There are 3 temperature settings: low, medium, and high.  The cloud on the pen lights up letting the user know what temperature it’s set at based on the color.  Green is low, blue is medium, and white is high. 

If you’re a cloud chaser and you like to take huge hits then sesh mode is the feature for you.  Activated with just two clicks, sesh mode keeps the pen on for twelve seconds rather than making the user hold down the button for their hit.  Perfect for anyone who enjoys taking big hits opposed to lots of little hits. However, if you’re someone who likes hits of just a couple seconds, the vape pen also gives you that ability as well.

Lastly, you get good quality vapor taste with the pen.  The instant heat-up in the chamber means that you get a nice hit that can last however long you want.  If you’re someone who enjoys good flavorful hits and you don’t want to wait, Puffco Pro 2 has got you covered.

The Puffco Pro 2 checks all the boxes when it comes to what vapers want in a good pen. Portable, durable, great battery life, instant heat up time, and quality vapor— what more could you ask for? The Puffco Pro 2 is a hassle-free, reliable, and simple vape pen that doesn’t just get the job done—it goes above and beyond.