Puffco Plus Vaporizer Review


In the world of vaping, there are lots of components that come together to make a good vape pen.  Good heating, strong battery life, and flavorful hits are just some of the things that people look for in a good vape pen. However, with the PuffCo Plus Vaporizer Pen people can stop their searching.

With a sleek and portable design, the new vape pen makes it easy to take with you on the go but still be discreet.  Several innovative new features, as well as an efficient battery, make it easy for users to get strong flavorful hits throughout their day.

The PuffCo Plus comes in a box that includes the concentrate pen itself, a USB charging cable, an extra chamber with a cap on it, an instruction manual, and Q-tips for cleaning.  The extra chamber, or what used to be referred to as an atomizer, revolutionizes the way that the vape pen heats up. Other vape pens use a coil in the chamber, and only that coil would heat up. This caused the chamber not to heat up all the way around. With the PuffCo Plus, the coil was done away with making for a coiless chamber. With this new chamber the entire bottom of the heats up, making the entire chamber heats up instead of just one small part on the coil. This makes your product heat up quicker and gives you a more flavorful hit.

Another unique future of the vape pen is the ‘dart’ piece.  Near the mouthpiece of the pen, the dart can be used as a dabber for your concentrate, and also prevents any kind of splatter going into your mouth. With the dart, you can pick up the wax and put it into the chamber without having to use a special dabbing tool.  It’s very easy to load the material and quicker.

The pen takes five clicks to turn it on and four clicks to change the temperature which consists of low, medium, and high.  The cloud on the pen lights up letting the user know what temperature they are on based on the color.  Green is low, blue is medium, and white is high.  In addition, the pen also comes with a sesh mode, which can be activated with two clicks.  Sesh mode keeps the vape pen on for twelve seconds rather than making the user hold down the button for their hit.  

One of the best aspects of this vape pen is that you are getting a taste that is pure and flavorful.  With a chamber that heats up all the way around, not only makes for an all-around fuller flavor, but it also makes it very smooth. While it can give you a lot of vapor at once, it’s not too overwhelming because the hits tend to be smoother.

Sleek design, innovative features, simple and easy to use, and flavorful hits, what’s not to love about this new vape pen? This revolutionized version of vape pens is changing the way of the vaping game.  So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and enjoy some tasty hits.