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Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak



(1) Puffco Peak eRig (Black)
(1) Cleaning Swabs Pack
(1) Loading Tool
(1) Carb Cap
(1) Extra Ceramic Bowl
(1) Micro USB Cable
(1) Supercharger
4 Unique Heat Settings
20 Second Average Heat-Up
Intelligent Temperature Calibration
LED & Haptic Feedback

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The Puffco Peak is an electronic dab rig (E-RIG), sometimes referred to as a wax vaporizer. Puffco, well known for quality and design, built the peak and made sure each part of the design served a purpose. This eRig is most definitely the most sturdiest and best performing dab rig on the market. If you're looking for an awesome experience and willing to pay the hefty price tag, you will not be disappointed. As Puffco's engineers stated "it's easy to produce a lot of vapor, what's challenging is to produce quality" We can confidently states, superior quality has been achieved.

The Peak has a hand blown glass top, uses a water filtration system, allows an average of 30 dabs per charge with only a 2 hour rapid charge time. The average heat up time is an incredible 20 seconds, the quickest on the market. This rig also uses an LED band and haptic feedback to ensure you take a hit at the right time for optimal performance.

When looking for a way to consume solid concentrates, you must keep in mind that you are spending significantly more money on the material than anything else over time. It is very important to get the best out of this pricey and consistent hobby. Depending on which type of concentrate you will be using with the Peak, there are four unique heat settings with an LED light showing you which setting is currently being used. The blue heats at 450°F, green at 500°F, red at 550°F and the white at 600°F.

Now even though this vape may look like it's for at home use only, this judgment would be wrong. The kit comes with the an awesome carry case. Everything perfectly aligns inside the case so that you can quickly and comfortable transport it. For a social dab setting, there is nothing more impressive than the Puffco Peak. #VAPELIFE

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Look no further

Reviewed on 3/18/20, By Steph
There aren't enough words to explain how much I love this vaporizer. It is the dopest thing available for concentrates.
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Reviewed on 3/5/20, By Billy
This is by far the most amazing tech ever created for vaping concentrates. If you can afford this, I highly highly suggest it.
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