Puffco Peak Review


The Puffco Peak is the future of smart eRig vaping. It is intended to replace your traditional dab rig. As we know from previous Puffco vapes, they make sure to blow your mind. And that they did again with design, performance and efficiency. After assembly, we noticed the Peak was most definitely quality built. It was perfectly balanced, sturdy and stable.

To charge the Peak, you need about two hours when using the wall charger provided with your kit. At full battery capacity, you have approximately 30 dabs before having to charge again. The Peak is also considered a portable erig, and that is because the carrying case it comes with is molded to exact parts and accessories for easy transportation.

We put the Peak together and made sure not to add too much water. It is important to put enough water just above the air holes. Too much water is no good here. This way you have optimal performance. A rare fact is that this rig works great with both cold and warm loading. The taste and cloud production remains the same unlike with most dab rigs. To turn the device on/off and to toggle between temperature settings, only one button is required. The vibration as well as LED lights tell you everything you need to know. For small loads, we recommend the blue LED setting which heats at 450°F while medium loads should be used with the green LED setting at 500°F. For large loads the correct setting is the red LED, heating at 550°F and for extra large loads, the white LED setting heats at 600°F.

The Peak takes about 20 seconds to heat up and vibrates twice to tell you it has reached the desired temperature. For this rig to perform well, start to inhale slowly and work your way up. Taking a fast draw will not increase performance. A cool feature is the "boost mode" and it is turned on by double clicking the button after taking your initial draw. This is if you feel you need a little more. The production of vapor this rig produces is unbelievable. Especially for its size, you would need a significantly larger device to compete with it.

The Puffco Peak offered perfect flavor in each draw. This is because it reheated itself to my last used temperature during my session using it's  "intelligent temperature calibration" feature. As a concentrate vape, we give the Peak a 10 out of 10. At this current moment, you will not find a better way to dab. We believe Puffco will continue to utilize new technology and offer us something spectacular each year.