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Puffco Peak Pro


Puffco Peak Pro

(1) Peak PRO Base
(1) Glass
(1) Jacket & Tether
(1) Oculus Carb Cap
(1) Chamber
(1) Carry Case
(1) Loading Tool
(5) Cotton Swabs
(1) AC Adapter
(1) USB-C Charger

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The Puffco Peak Pro is a device that aims to give users the ultimate dabbing experience. With wireless charging, Bluetooth capabilities, and the ability to control temperature in real time, the Puffco Peak Pro is a must have for any dab enthusiasts.


The manufacturer’s website describes the Peak Pro like this: “The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. For the beginner, it's the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you're looking for.” The Puffco Peak Pro comes already boxed in a heavy duty travel case, which is very convenient for those looking to take the device with them on the go. It has a dab tool and some cotton swabs packaged with it as well, along with charging tools. The Peak Pro has the quality that fans of the standard peak are used to, but with some added bonuses as well. For example, the Peak Pro prevents hotspots through the use of a newly designed carb cap, allowing for better and more evenly distributed heat.

Why the Pro?

For those that already own the standard Puffco Peak or people that are looking to potentially purchase the pro, they might be wondering what the pro does better than the standard model. For starters, the design of the Peak Pro has been slightly altered from the original, allowing for a sleeker and cleaner design. A major change to the Peak Pro is the newly designed atomizer. The Pro’s atomizer is around 40% larger than that of the standard model, and the new cap for it ensures that you’ll have a tighter fit. Having a very large atomizer like this means that it will be difficult for users to overfill the atomizer and have residue potentially spill onto the device. The Pro also has a newly designed button on the front of it. This may not seem like a major change, but since this button will be used extremely often by users, it is important that it looks and feels right.


The Puffco Peak Pro breaks its standard temperature settings into four options: blue, green, red, and white. Blue is around 492 degrees Fahrenheit. Green is medium at a temperature of 510 Fahrenheit. Red is high at 530 degrees Fahrenheit, and white represents the peak temperature at 545 degrees Fahrenheit. While this array of temperatures will likely satisfy most users, those who wish to customize their device even more can set their own custom temperatures through the Puffco Peak Pro app.

Portability and Ease of Use

The Puffco Peak Pro is definitely easy to carry around with you as you go places in your life. While it may be too large for many to consider actually using it in public, it is perfectly designed to be taken anywhere. The previously mentioned carrying case really helps to make this device become very portable. Just like the device itself, the case is expertly crafted and is sealed open and shut by the use of magnets. This machine is also extremely newcomer friendly. The Peak Pro is operated through the use of a single button located on the front of the device. Through tapping the device for a certain number of times, users will be able to utilize it to its full potential. Anything that cannot be done through this front button is able to be done through the accompanying Puffco Peak app, which we will discuss now.

Using the App

To unlock the full capabilities of the Puffco Peak Pro, you’ll definitely want to download the accompanying app. This app has many nifty features, including allowing users to set their own custom temperatures to profiles, along with their corresponding colors. The app can also display statistics such as number of daily sessions with the device, and what the Peak Pro’s current temperature is. Through the app users can also set the device to several “modes,” which includes stealth mode, lantern mode, ready mode, and finally boost mode. Stealth mode makes it easier to use the machine in a more discreet manner. Lantern mode allows the user to display any color from a color wheel on the device. Ready mode makes the device begin heating to a preselected temperature profile once it is removed from charging. Boost mode increases the time and temperature of your current hit. As you can see, the app is a must-get if you have the Peak Pro, as it greatly enhances the product.


There are a few accessories that can make your Peak Pro an even better device. The Peak Pro Power Dock enables your Peak Pro to charge wirelessly, while also securing it into place to avoid any drops. This power dock can also work as a power bank, meaning you can use it to charge your Peak Pro or other devices through wires. The Puffco Peak travel pack also has all sorts of nifty items to enhance your Peak Pro experience. It includes a mouthpiece, an oculus carb cap, a backpack for the device, and a chamber jacket and tether. None of these items are necessary to have a good time with your Peak Pro, but if purchased alongside it they will definitely improve the experience.


The Puffco Peak Pro has a price tag of $399. This price point may scare off many potential buyers, but the Peak Pro is the definitive dabbing device on the market. No other item gives the user the freedom and flexibility to tailor their dabbing experience exactly to their liking. With a high quality product and a top notch app to go with it, anyone thinking of upgrading to the Peak Pro should definitely do so.

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