Plenty Vaporizer Review by Storz & Bickel


While the vast majority of vapers use portable devices to get their vape kicks, there are still a select few who are more than happy to do all of their vaping at home. For those folks, the larger desktop style of vaporizers is the device of choice, and it is usually one made by Storz and Bickel that they choose. That is the manufacturer who makes the legendary Volcano desktop vaporize, but that is not the only piece of equipment that that have brought to market. The Volcano is a little too large and unwieldy for some, which is why Storz and Bickel also have a device known as the Plenty Vaporizer. While not a true portable, it can still be carried around of need be. It’s a smaller, less expensive version than the Volcano, and it is one that hardcore vapers stand behind in a big way. Let’s take a closer look at the Plenty to see if it is all that it is cracked up to be.

Getting to know the Plenty

Portability – Make no mistake about it, this is a tabletop vaporizer that is not really designed to be portable. While it is big, it’s still relatively lightweight, and its similarity to a pump or tool makes it a little more discreet than other vaporizers.

Ease of Use – This is a pretty easy device to get a hang of right out of the box, although the heater ignition button may give some a little trouble. That button has to be used when the LED display blinks off, but it’s something that you get used to pretty quickly.

Power Source – Like the Volcano, the Plenty is powered by plugging it into a standard wall outlet.

Prep Time – The herb chamber in this device is large and very easy to load, but be aware that this unit takes longer to heat up than portable vaporizers. You are looking at about 5 minutes to fully heat, which is standard for a desktop unit.

Temperature Settings – A lot of flexibility here, as the temperature can be set to between 100 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature stays consistent throughout your session as long as you make use of the aforementioned heater ignition button.

Vapor Quality – Every draw you take on the rather odd looking mouthpiece delivers vapor of the highest quality, flavor, and potency.

Pricing – At around $399, you are looking at a vaporizer that is definitely an investment, which means it may be best suited to experienced vapers looking for real quality.

Guarantee – This is a well-built vaporizer, and you can expect it to last well beyond the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the Plenty.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing performance
  • Can be held in the hand when being used, which delivers a high level of comfort
  • Vapor quality is as good as it gets
  • Chamber is large and easy to load
  • Cooling coil delivers a smooth vapor every time


  • The pricing may make it a little prohibitive for some
  • Wall plug in takes away any real portability
  • Long heat up time
  • Heater ignition switch can be tough to master right off the bat