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Pistol Hookah | Shisha | Nargila

Pistol Hookah

Pistol Hookah | Shisha | Nargila

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What could be cooler than a pistol-shaped hookah? Not much! Enjoy smoking hookah in style with the Pistol Hookah by MOB Hookah. This water pipe is finely crafted to ensure the best hookah smoking experience and the most stunning design around. Whether you’re the real deal or you just like to feel like a G from time to time, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your Pistol Hookah to the max.

The Original Pistol Hookah Design

MOB Hookah was the first to create this handgun hookah design, and you won’t find better quality anywhere else. As a leader in the hookah industry, MOB hookahs are patent pending and original.

Easy to Set Up

Your pistol water pipe is easy to set up so you can get to smoking shisha in no time. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, the hookah kit includes everything you need, and the included instruction booklet makes it easy to assemble.

Constructed with Attention to Detail

Every last detail of the Pistol Hookah is well-crafted, from the base to the handgun-shaped stem. It’s a solidly-built, high-quality hookah that will last you for countless sessions!

Get Great Flavor

Use this hookah with your favorite shisha for a delicious flavored smoke. No matter what flavor of shisha you like or how big you want your clouds, your pistol hookah will be an excellent vessel to provide the ultimate hookah experience!

Perfect for Parties and Gatherings

The pistol hookah is a stunner.Party like a Rockstar (or a gangsta) and share some shisha with your friends as you relax and enjoy an evening of hookah smoking with your new gun hookah.

How to Use the MOB Pistol Hookah

First, remove the rubber piece from the stem (gun) and insert it into the base.

Screw in the downstem to the bottom of the stem.

Place stem/downstem into the base by twisting from left to right.

Place the spring on the end of the hose, insert the hose plug onto the end, and insert into the hookah.

Screw the mouthpiece and handle together, then plug onto the opposite end of the hose.

Finally, place the metal tray on top of the hookah, stick the rubber grommet into the top center of the tray, and insert the clay bowl on top.

That’s it! You’re ready to start enjoying some good shisha with your handgun hookah.

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