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Pax Plus Vaporizer


Pax Plus Vaporizer

(1) Pax Plus
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(1) Standard Oven Lid
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The Pax Plus is one of the best compact, dual-use vaporizers out there today. This device was made to be highly portable, but its overall quality makes it effective in any situation. It is hard for a customer to go wrong with purchasing the Pax Plus.


The Pax Plus has one of the simplest designs on the market, one of the reasons why many people like Pax products. This minimal design helps to make sure users do not get confused with too many buttons or screens on the device, while also giving it a sleek look. The metal body of the device is nice and sturdy, adopting a shape very similar to other Pax vaporizers. Anyone looking for buttons on the Pax Plus will find that the device body does not have any outside of the mouthpiece button that operates the entire device. This device is around 4 inches tall, really living up to its compact design.

This vaporizer is powered by a 3500mAh battery. The Pax Plus also utilizes USB-C charging, and users should expect the device to fully charge in about two to three hours. A full charge should allow users to use the device for over two hours. This is an excellent battery life for a device of this size, as it can ensure that users likely won’t have to worry about the Pax Plus dying on them if they take it on the go. USB-C charging also helps to make charging convenient and easy for users, as they won’t have to worry about keeping a dedicated charger for their device.

Two interchangeable mouthpiece options are boxed with the Pax Plus. One of the mouthpieces has a raised design. This raised mouthpiece is suitable for those that want the most comfortable experience when having a session. This mouthpiece is a much more natural fit, but users might sacrifice some quality for comfort. On the other hand, the flat mouthpiece is a good pick for users that value vapor quality over everything else. This mouthpiece has a small path for the vapor to come through. The airflow in this mouthpiece moves at a much slower pace, allowing for vapor to be more flavorful.

The oven of the Plus is located on the very bottom of the device. A magnetic lid covers the oven and can easily be removed when it comes time to load the Plus. The Pax Plus also comes equipped with a concentrate insert, so those that prefer concentrates should find the Plus suitable for them as well. Users should find that they can fit around half a gram of product into this stainless-steel oven.


The Plus vaporizer utilizes conduction heating. This heating method is known for very fast heat up times, although it can be more prone to burning compared to other heating methods. Conduction heats herb by making direct contact between the heat source and the product loaded into the oven. The Pax Plus has four distinct heat settings, all of which are indicated by different colored lights on the Pax logo. The lowest setting is represented by blue. This is the “stealth mode” of the Pax Plus, which sees the device give off minimal vapor and dim the light on the body of the device. Green and yellow represent the two middle settings. The fourth and final setting is represented by red. This is the “boost mode,” and should be used with any concentrates. Whenever the selected heating mode has been reached, the light in the device will flash green to alert the user.


The Pax Plus is meant to be a compact vaporizer, and this design helps to make it incredibly portable. While Pax does have models that are smaller than the Plus, most of these will also have less features than the Plus. This vaporizer succeeds in portability in more ways than just size as well. The dedicated “stealth mode” is a great example of this portability. If users utilize this mode, they will be able to make an already discreet vaporizer even more difficult for others to notice. Conduction heating also allows the device to heat up very quickly, in just about 30 seconds. This means that users can quickly pull out the Pax Plus and have a session before anyone notices.

Our Thoughts

The Pax Plus is another great product from Pax. This dual-use vaporizer is sold for around $250 and is absolutely worth the price tag, as it could easily become the main piece in your collection. If you are looking for a portable device that still has the features you would expect from a high-quality vaporizer, then the Pax Plus is for you.

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