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Pax Mini Vaporizer


Pax Mini Vaporizer

Kit Includes:
(1) Pax Mini
(1) Raised Mouthpiece
(1) Flat Mouthpiece
(1) Oven Lid
(1) Maintenance Kit
(1) Charging Cable

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The Pax Mini is one of the smallest devices offered by Pax. What this device lacks in size however, it makes up for in quality, as the Pax Mini is chock full of great features. Anyone looking for a pocket-sized vaporizer should consider the Pax Mini.


The very first thing that people are likely to notice about the Pax Mini is the size that gives the device its namesake. The Mini is about the same thickness as the Pax Plus, but users familiar with the Plus will find the Mini to be just a bit shorter. Some might find the size difference to be minimal, but it helps to make the Pax Mini more portable than the Plus.

The Pax Mini has a similar external design to other Pax products. Customers will not find any buttons on the body of the device, instead they will only see the signature Pax logo. This stainless-steel body has a matte finish and is available in both black and silver. Just like the Pax Plus, The Mini comes with two different mouthpieces, each of which offers a unique experience. One mouthpiece is positioned flat against the top of the device. While this flat design might make it more difficult to use comfortably, this mouthpiece offers users a better experience. By slowing down the speed of airflow in the device, this mouthpiece can help users get as much vapor and flavor out of their product as possible. The other mouthpiece has a raised design. While this mouthpiece is more comfortable, users might have to sacrifice vapor quality for the comfort.

The oven in the Mini has been designed for solo session use. Users should be able to fit up to .25 grams of dry herb into this oven. Located on the bottom of the device, this oven can be accessed by removing the magnetic lid that keeps it covered. Many other smaller vaporizers have ovens of this size, so it’s nice to see Pax make a model designed for solo use.

The device has an internal battery that is charged through a magnetic charging dock. This dock can be plugged into a power source with a USB port. While USB-C charging might be more convenient for some, this method should work well enough for most people. The Pax Mini should take around one to two hours to fully charge up. Once charged up, users can expect to use the device for about two and a half hours before needing to charge it again. This should be about eight to ten sessions on a single charge for most people, which is excellent if you want to take the Mini with you while you go out.


The Pax Mini heats up in around 22 seconds. Users will not need to worry about setting the temperature when using the device, as the Mini only has one preset temperature level. While this might be disappointing for customers looking to customize the temperature depending on the session, at times it can be convenient to let the device do all of the work for you.

The Mini utilizes conduction heating to heat dry herb. Conduction heating works by letting dry herb make direct contact with the device’s heat source. This heating method is great for heating up herb quick, although it can be more prone to half burning compared to other methods when the level of moisture in the herb is extremely low.


As is the case with most vaporizers marketed around their size, the Pax Mini is a great option for those that value portability. The Mini is expertly designed to be taken on the go and used solo. Everything from the quick heating time to the .25 gram oven allows this device to excel for users having a solo session. While the Pax Mini might be missing some features that other vaporizers, and even other Pax models might have, the device does a good job of providing users with a quick, easy, and portable experience.

Our Thoughts

The Pax Mini is one of the best “mini” vaporizers on the market today. While it may not have as many features as other Pax products, you can be sure to find the signature Pax quality when you have a session with the Pax Mini. This is an excellent vaporizer, and for a price of $150 it is a great entry point for those looking for their first vaporizer.

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