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PAX Vaporizer

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Kit Includes: (1) Pax Vaporizer (1) Screen (1) Mouthpiece (1) Oven Lid (1) Charging Dock (1) Charging Cord (5) Cleaning Tools (5) Cleaning Wipes (2) Lubricant Packet (1) User Manual *FREE Plastic Grinder ~Convection Style Vaporizer

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PAX by Ploom Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is a truly revolutionary piece of technology. It creates a standard for portable vaping that is unmatched. It looks sleek and sophisticated and is super compact, making it really easy for on-the-go usage. Best of all, the Pax is dependable and user friendly. What more could you ask for in a portable vaporizer?

The design of the chamber is actually this vaporizer’s most defining feature. The “oven” is shallow but fairly long, allowing for a more even distribution of herbs than other vaporizers in its category. On a full chamber of the Pax vaporizer, you get a solid 20 draws. Better yet, the chamber is enclosed with a magnetic cover, making refilling a breeze. Just push down on one end of the cover and it will slide right off. Once you’re done refilling, lower the cover over the chamber and the magnet will snap it right back on. Worried about spillage? Don’t be – the magnet is strong enough that it holds the cover perfectly in place. The idea is genius.

To turn the Pax on, just click on the mouthpiece. It just pops right out. Hidden beneath the mouthpiece compartment are the heat settings, which range between Low, Medium and High. (The temperature differentiations are 375 degrees F, 390 degrees F and 410 degrees F.) The light on the front of the vaporizer will acknowledge your choice with the appropriate shade of red, with the deepest shade representing the highest temperature setting. Pick the setting you’re most comfortable with and you’re just about ready.

In about a minute, the green light will turn on, and voila! On a full battery you are good to go for a full hour of continuous usage. If you average each vape session at about 10 minutes, that gives you approximately six full rounds before you need to recharge. Even on a low battery though, this magical vaporizer only takes a minute to heat up. Oh, and here’s the kicker: the Pax vaporizer has a motion detector that senses usage. While you have it turned on, if it sits still for more than 20 seconds it promptly switches into power saving mode. In the world of portable vaporizers, all of these features make the Pax vaporizer quite impressive.

If you are looking a comprehensive portable vaporizer, look no further. The overall package of the Pax dry herb vaporizer is unmatched in the field of portable vaping units. Its sleek exterior design makes it discrete, yet it delivers and surpasses any of the qualities you look for in a portable vaporizer. All in all, it is like the Zeus of vaporizers, and well worth every penny.

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