PAX 3 Review


PAX is well-known throughout the cannabis community as one of the very best loose leaf, concentrate, and extract weed vape companies. Before the PAX 3 vaporizer, the PAX 2 was known and loved for its functionality and design. The designers at PAX took the second-generation vaporizer design and tweaked it just enough to make the overall product better. The result? The most recent addition to the PAX product selection, the PAX 3.

The PAX 3 package comes with much more than just the device itself. It also comes equipped with a maintenance kit, a charging cable and dock, two mouthpieces, three screens, and two lids—both standard and half pack for when you don't want to use as much material for your vape session. Plus, it comes with a thorough instructional guide for beginners.

The PAX 3 package also includes a concentrate insert for better compatibility with both dry herb AND weed concentrates, such as wax, shatter oil, or thick oil. This product is great for more options and versatility when you want to switch things up!

The PAX 3 is small, smooth, and efficient making it conveniently discreet and easily portable. The exterior is shiny and polished with a smooth finish—the only downside being that it is prone to scratches and fingerprints. 

With a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use design, this product is very user-friendly! All you have to do is press one button on the top of the device to turn it on, and you’re ready to go! The compact vaporizer device will charge completely in just 2-3 hours and last up to 90 minutes—roughly seven separate smoke sessions. 

In contrast with the PAX 2, this newer model heats up 3x as fast—taking only about 15 to 20 seconds! With four different heat settings, your PAX 3 vape experience can be easily modified. You can either change the temperature using the device itself by holding its single button down, or through the PAX app.

To get started with the PAX smartphone app, all you have to do is sync your vaporizer device with the app through Bluetooth. The app adds a fifth setting—a custom one—to your device, for a more interactive experience. It offers additional boost settings as well as a stealth mode in which the lights are dimmed. You can also change the colors on the vaporizer to fit your mood! With this aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly smartphone app, you have more control over your session and you can gain a more personalized (and fun!) vaping experience. 

The interior oven section of the PAX 3 vaporizer is also very similar to the PAX 2, but it is innovatively modified to create better airflow and an overall more enjoyable vape session. The PAX 3 produces high quality, smooth, and flavorful vapor for the best experience possible. It also includes a fun vibration motor feature! With this efficient device, you only have to pull for a few seconds in order to produce really nice vapor clouds. 

No wonder the PAX line of vaporizers has been so popular. We put our stamp of approval on PAX 3 for its attractiveness, versatility with different concentrates, and its fantastic smartphone app!