Otto Grinder Review


With a slogan that reads “Mill… Fill… Chill” you would expect only the most convenient and easiest rolling experience. Suffice it to say the Otto Grinder by the Banana Bros lives up to his expectation without a doubt. Their patented smart sensing and grinding technology makes it easier than ever to achieve the optimal grind for your dried herbs. Simply fill the chamber, switch it on and watch the Otto do the rest.

Ease of use

The Otto design is very simplistic which makes it super easy to use. It features only a single button with an LED backlight that makes it easy for anyone to control. Setup for use is pretty simple and straightforward; insert a cone in the tube and fill the grinder with your herb of choice. Once you have filled the grinder with your dried herb, you simply attach the grinder to the tube by way of magnetic connectors and you’re all set to go. Switch the Otto on and press the control button once, then sit back and watch as the cone is effortlessly filled.

Fast grinding

The Otto is equipped with high grade metal grinding teeth, designed for fast and optimal grinding. To boot, the smart sensing technology that Banana Bros patented and used with this grinder ensures that whatever you load will be perfectly milled. The sensors allow the grinder to adjust depending on density, texture and moisture. Whereas grinding by hand could take time, the Otto effortlessly mills whatever it is loaded with in seconds. The Otto also acts as a rolling machine filling the cones to the tip within seconds.


The Otto has an airtight chamber which keeps odors from escaping; making this a discreet way to mill you herbs. The device is also compact enough that it can be stored in smaller spaces. The minimalistic design lends itself to discretion in any setting.

Decent battery life

With a single charge, the Otto grinder can mill and fill around 20 - 30 cones before needing to be recharged. A USB port makes recharging hassle free and recharging is quite rapid.

No mess

With the first of it’s kind all-in-one design, the Otto ensures a mess free grind and fill. The cones are designed with a wide lip for easy loading and this also prevents spilling. The o- funnel also ensures that the cones are filled effortlessly with minimal to no cleanup after.

A great product overall

The Otto grinder does justice to it’s slogan and is overall a great little machine to own. Whether you want to roll a joint on the go or stock up to reduce time spent grinding, this compact device will make your life easier and better!