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OG Jams by Kind Pen


OG Jams by Kind Pen

Kit Includes:
(1) G Pen Pro Vaporizer
(1) Water Pipe Adapter
(1) Charging Deck
(1) Type-C Charging Cable
(1) Screen Set
(1) Packing Tool
(1) Cleaning Brush
(1) User Manual
~Capacity 1 Gram!
~10-20 Second Heat Up
~Lifetime Warranty

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dry herbs

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The OG Jams dry herb vaporizer from Kind Pen is one of the most versatile vaporizers on the market today. Kind Pen is known for putting out quality products that please their customers, and the OG Jams only strengthens that reputation.

What makes the OG Jams an amazing dry herb vape?

When describing the OG Jams, The Kind Pen emphasizes the rich flavors, versatility, and excellent performance that the vaporizer offers. The Jams sticks out from other vaporizers by having a unique design unlike the competition. While other vaporizers often utilize a pen-like design, the OG Jams has a unique body split into two parts. The top of the device is circular and is where the mouthpiece is located, along with the airflow valve and vapor path window. This part of the device can actually be removed from the other body piece, as it is locked together with magnets. The mouthpiece on the Jams is made from glass, ensuring that it will be pure even after many uses. Glass may be more fragile than say, plastic, but it allows the vaporizer to provide a pure, untainted flavor, along with helping to keep vapor cool while it works its way to you.

The bottom half of the body is home to the OLED display that can show users important information such as the current temperature level, along with the battery level of the device. Every button needed to control the device is located in this area, with all of them being on one side of the Jams as well. This may not seem like a huge feature, but it makes the device very easy to use, especially among those who may be unfamiliar with vaporizers.

The OG Jams is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery that is likely to last about three to four hours on a full charge. This battery is charged through USB-C and can be fully charged in an hour or so.

Extra Features

The Jams gives users the ability to adjust the airflow of the device. A notch under the vapor path window can be moved to adjust the draw resistance. Having the ability to adjust this lets users choose from having cooler, lighter vapor, and denser, more flavorful vapor.

One great bonus of the Jams is that it comes packaged with its own water bubbler (which is compatible with the mouthpiece) and bi-level grinder, all for free (use checkmarks to select these gifts). This is about a $45 value, so having it included with the OG Jams is a great move by Portable Hookahs. Overall, the OG Jams has a great design that is made with the consumer in mind. Those purchasing this vaporizer are bound to be pleased with the overall design and functionality of the vaporizer.

Heating and Portability

The vaporizer offers precise temperature control anywhere from 302 degrees Fahrenheit to 446 degrees Fahrenheit therefore you can choose the perfect temperature to vaporize your cannabinoids. Many vaporizers only allow users to select from a few preset temperatures, so having complete control like this gives the buyer a great level of freedom to do what they want with their product. The Jams utilizes convection heating to draw out every bit of flavor possible from your herb. The device heats up in about 10 to 20 seconds, so users can easily take it out when they’re on the go.

The OG Jams is the perfect mix of weight and size. It does not feel small or cheaply made when holding it, but it can still easily fit into a pocket or bag. This is truly the best of both worlds, as the Jams fits every situation.

What we at Portable Hookahs have concluded

If you’re looking for a new dry herb vaporizer to be at the center of your collection, the OG Jams is the perfect product for you. This is an incredible deal for a superb product, so definitely consider it if you’re in the market for a new vaporizer.

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