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Naked eLiquid | eJuice


Naked eLiquid | eJuice

60ML eLiquid Tincture 70% VG & 30% PG Naked 100 Series

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The Naked 100 eLiquid | eJuice is one of the most popular nicotine and nicotine free vape-able juices on the market due to its quality of ingredients and the perfect blend of 70% VG and 30% PG. You are able to use this juice in cartridges, digital mods and mechanical mods. It is sometimes difficult to find the safest flavored eLiquids to vape due to so many companies on the market. It is important to go with a well established brand such as "The Schwartz E-Liquid Group" in order to ensure that what you are vaping is more from the highest quality USDA ingredients available. The "Naked 100 Series" is made by this brand therefore you can rest assured that what you are buying here will be absolutely perfect for your vaping needs. Portable Hookahs offers a selection of oil vaporizers that will work great with this brand as well many others as long as there is a mix of PG/VG or if the juice is made of MCT oil.

Hawaiian POG

This flavor is designed to make you feel like you're on a tropical island sipping on a light citrusy drink with hints of orange and a bit of tartness.  

Lava Flow

This flavor is also made to recreate the feeling of a tropical island with the flavor or rich strawberry infused with coconut and a pineapple swirl.

Azul Berries

This flavor delivers a blend of berries and cream. The berries consist of blueberries and raspberries while the flavor of the cream is vanilla.

Go Nanas

The Go Nanas flavor is as you would expect, Bananas. As you inhale and exhale, you will taste sweet ripe bananas sugary to perfection.


This flavor has the perfect balance between sugar and tartness. Most similar to a dessert made with strawberries and a rich creamy flavor.

Green Blast

If you're looking for a real flavor hit, the Green Blast is the way to go. Hints of kiwi, honeydew lemon and green apple, the taste of a rich fruity mix of flavor is what you will be getting with this eLiquid.

Amazing Mango

Even though you would expect to just taste mango, the flavor of peach is added to make this eLiquid that much more awesome!

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